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The End of the Longest Campaign

Perhaps the three Obama victories of yesterday do not surprise us. They didn’t surprise me (I bet a cup of coffee that he would). But the quickly surfaced crisis in the Clinton camp is a bit of a surprise. They are in the throes of chaos. Patty Solis Doyle, Hillary’s campaign manager, has resigned. Since they already started talking about lowering expectations for the next many primaries, you could feel the problem; the Clinton campaign was putting the squeeze on everyone, including MSNBC; they were grasping, ignobly grasping. But the problem is worse, and has come upon them much more quickly, than I thought it would. Her electoral support is dissolving, or has dissolved. They now know this. The only hope she may end up having is: 1) twist the arms of the Superdelegates and 2) get the Michigan and Florida "non votes" back by some legalistic sophistry. Both would represent an "anti-democratic" Machievellian move, given that Obama is in the lead through the regular (and legal) primary process. If there is a Democratic Party that is separable from the Clintons this cannot be allowed to happen because the Dems would lose the general election for certain. But if the DNC is able to prevent Hillary from backroom and anti-democratic dealing, the DNC will gave a Democrat a chance to become president, but it will certainly not be Hillary for she will not be the nominee. It’s over.

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I couldn't agree more, Dr. Schramm. And I've bet Mingus that it will come out as you've written it.

The writing is certainly on the wall, but the Clintons will only let go when you pry the election out of their cold, dead hands. Was it Obama or Rumsfeld that said regime change can "be messy"?

Imagine the irony for a party that has made a black legend of the events in Florida, 2000. Supposedly Bush cheated Gore out of a win, by back room maneuvers and relying upon a Conservative judiciary. Now in '08, Hillary is clearly and visibly resorting to back room arm-twisting and eye-gouging to get her way. And more and more of the sordid ways of that pathological pair are coming out into the open. EVEN DEMOCRATS, even hard-core Democrats are getting creeped out by the Clintons.

Hillary Clinton is as desperate and as classless as Heather Mills McCartney. The former is grasping for power, the latter thrashing about for lucre.

In as much as Hillary's campaign is in need of cash, perhaps she should retain her kindred spirit, Heather Mills.

If what I feel is anything akin to what it felt like to be a Republican against Clinton in the 90's, I'm not surprised at the rancor on the Right that the name "Clinton" arouses.

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