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Eliot Spitzer, Constitutionalist

Spitzer, as quoted in today’s Wall Street Journal:

"I believe in an evolving Constitution. . . A flexible Constitution allows us to consider not merely how the world was, but how it ought to be."

Supply your own mordant punchline.

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No thanks. Why should we look for ways to laugh at people in distress. It's fun to turn off human emotion so people merely become things that we try to possess when they succeed and discard when they fail. If you are in tune with humanity at all, I think you would see this as a tragedy. A successful man, can't control himself, disaster for state, disaster for family. Think about his wife, his daughters...ha ha.

What he did is wrong and should be criticized, as can his political views. But have a little compassion for the man and don't be so cold by kicking around these jokes...have a little compassion for the situation.

The only people that I have compassion for is Spitzer's family.

Spitzer certainly wasn't being compassionate while he acknowledged taking a shady multi-million dollar loan during his run for attorney general.

He wasn't compassionate when he had the state police spy on Republicans and when he told an opponent "I'm a Fu**ing steamroller".

This guy had the nerve to bust people for the same exact behavior he was doing in private.

What goes around comes around. I must be a monster, because I have no compassion for the guy.

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