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Gallup Poll on November

A new Gallup Poll: "A sizable proportion of Democrats would vote for John McCain next November if he is matched against the candidate they do not support for the Democratic nomination. This is particularly true for Hillary Clinton supporters, more than a quarter of whom currently say they would vote for McCain if Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee." Read the details yourself. This is not a small problem for the Democratic Party.

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The fact that McCain is so liberal that large numbers of Democrats can feel comfortable voting for him is not exactly good news for conservatives.

This is a conservative site, correct, and not a Republican one?

John...This is a Republican site that happens to be in french revolution mode: that is in constant constitutional convention over the meaning of conservativism. It might even be dedicated to resolving the tensions between the principles of equality, fraternity and liberty. I would suppose that there are some conservatives who would argue that a divorce between Republicans and conservative thought would mean that we have a body of ideas on government with no standing or influence in practice. In some sense then it might be more conservative to simply equate conservatives with Republicans and liberals with Democrats.

In other words we can adjourn the convention on the meaning of conservative, simply by agreeing that the matter is defined/settled by the process that goes on at the respective political conventions. The Republican planks would define what is "conservative", just as the planks at the Democratic convention would define what is "liberal".

John, do you think it would be better for conservatives if a liberal Democrat won the election? Even if McCain is not what you were hoping for, he is surely better than the alternatives.

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