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Hillary’s angst and anger

The reason I like this Gloria Bolger column is because in it’s simplicity it reveals a massive fact. Hillary people (I include Bill in that) can’t figure it all out and they are unhappy: The hedgehog always wins the race against the fox. She will, of course, lose both Texas and Ohio, in my humble opinion.

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I have a hunch that O'Bama's momentum has subsided, that Hillary will win both states (Small-town whites in OH and Hispanics in Texas to the rescue!). But O may still take more delegates. And she will have to continue and may add Pennsylvania (with its Mississippi Middle) to her "surge." Does Obama have enough energy to come back? Will he need to in order to keep his delegate lead? In the meantime Hillary will add to McCain's fall talking points and thus make up for his crippled campaign financing.... The story of this campaign will not be simple for the Dems....

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