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Snow, and plenty of it

It has snowed, is snowing, and it will continue most of the day. I’m guessing over a foot already, maybe more. Everything is still and quiet, save the rare huge lumbering plow and salt truck. I have given orders to my brood: No one leaves the house. One has already disobeyed, my mother has not, yet. I am on my second cup of tea and reading James McBride’s new novel. It feels very good so far. It’s time for a smoke, so being a rare and special day, I’m starting with an expensive Ashton Heritage Puro Sol, sweet, nutty, soft, all sun grown, with a Cameroon wrapper. This is my new (expensive) love. This day will cost me.

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It's "snowing" here too, but considering that yesterday it was in the 60s, there's no prospect of any of the white stuff sticking.

Raining cats and dogs in Charm City.
Peter you painted a word-picture of ease, elegance, and civilization.

Tell me about it. I was supposed to be in New Orleans right now, speaking at the National World War II Museum. The airport in Columbus closed right after we got there, so we turned around and drove home. So instead of sipping hurricanes at Pat O’Brien’s, and eating barbecued shrimp at Mr. B’s Bistro, I’m shoveling snow in Ashland.

I'm glad I didn't plan on going back home to California this spring break. Cleveland airport has shut down completely. I'm now trapped in my mom's house in Cleveland; Cuyahoga County has apparently surrendered to the snow and is not even attempting to plow the main streets anymore. It took me about 10 minutes to open my front door so that my dogs could be let out. They ended up frolicking around for ten minutes. One is a shepherd/collie mix, named Thor, and the snow was past his stomach. The other is a white pekingese, named Buddy, who all but vanished shortly after venturing into the backyard.

The occasional foolish driver attempts to go down the street every now and then, usually resulting in myself and my neighbors going out to dig them free. Our neighbors share a driveway between our two houses, and even if I wanted to leave, one of their cars got snowed in towards the front. With the snow up to the bottom of the doors due to the wind, it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

It's a good day to watch a few movies and read a few books. Though, it's funny that these type of things always occur when I already have time to watch movies and read books-- on break, rather than during school. Oh well.

Northwest PA is also getting hammered...making what was going to be yet another day of running around into a wonderful family day. Our family-- (two girls--ages 7 and 5), my husband and our dog, Emma, and I--spent the entire day watching movies, reading and spending some well deserved time together. I'm honestly hoping for the same thing tomorrow...

I finished reading "Song Yet Sung." Good story, pushed me along. Hard to write about slavery, and keep balance and cadence. McBride does it. I hope he keeps writing.

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