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A few thoughts on the election thus far:

Assuming that George Bush serves out his full term, it will be the first time since 1809-1825 that we’ve had two straight two-term presidents, and the first time it’s ever happened with two parties. That could mean either that the next president won’t serve eight years, or that something in America’s political mix has changed.

I’m glad that McCain is the Republican nominee, if only because it means that both major parties won’t have candidates with Ivy League pedigree. In this line, is it worth noting that Obama was a legacy applicant to Harvard? His father studied there in the 1960s. On the other hand, as the son and grandson of Admirals, McCain probably was raised with a certain feeling of priviledge to go along with his senses of duty and honor.

Given the party name, it is ironic that party elders will probably choose the Democratic party’s candidate for president this year--the party equivalent of what Jacksonians denounced as "King Caucus." Of course, the Democratic party has downplayed the centrality of voting and elections since the Progressive era.

The reason we have checks and ballances in our constitution is to prevent great, rapid changes in legislation. A fact to keep in mind if the Democrats win this year.

Were it not for concern over judicial nominees, would the election look very different to conservatives? Or would foreign policy concerns be enough to carry the day?

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My comment is: Just win, baby. The stakes really are that high. Everything else is window dressing.

If not for judicial nominees I would not even consider voting for McCain. And that may not be enough, in the end.

The stakes really are that high.

You'll tell yourself that in every election untill the day you die. The stakes are high, but they are not the ones you care about.

Others will make up for your very hard-to-get vote, so don't get carried away with your own importance. I will not stay tuned for the ultimate result of your soul-searching. It really isn't that interesting, let alone important. The stakes are high in every election. They were less high in 1988-2000 than they are this year. It's possible they will be less high in the future. So, you're just wrong about my attitude there.

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