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Obama and his Fathers

Peter C. Myers has written a thoughtful essay on Barack Obama’s speech on race. I want to characterize to you both the depth and grace of the essay, but I think you should read it yourself, it surely is the best thing yet written on the subject. It’s about the length of a Sunday op-ed. Let him persuade you that the best thing Obama could do is to travel back to the moral and political thought of our country’s founding fathers, and to allow Frederick Douglass to be his guide for that trip. Surely both Obama and our people wpould benefit. The essay is well worth a few cups of coffee and an Upmann Cameroon, if you’re man enough!

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An intelligent (and respectful) commentary/critique of Obama's candidacy, deeply informed by Myers' knowledge of African American political thought. It certainly is a breath of fresh air in contrast to many recent Comments on Senator Obama on NLT. I do wonder if Myers thinks Obama can satisfactorily "transcend" various divisions in American life and yet remain an effective candidate on behalf of a loyal opposition. How much "populism" is permissible, according to Myers?

Barack Obama is what he is: A child of children of the Sixties. A man of character can break out of that malformation. Obama has shown us in recent weeks that he most certainly is not a man of character. Therefore: No, he can't.

Very thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you for giving him the space, Dr. Schramm.

A well-written ("intelligent," "thoughtful," etc., etc.) essay can still be confused and miss the point. It comes down to an apology for Obama and a partial apology for Wright. Commentators of lesser polish who, a little but not very simplistically, refer to Wright's church as a "hate church" are closer to the mark. Even though such commentators are not "thoughtful," "intelligent," or
"deeply informed by knowledge of African American political thought."
If either Wright or Obama is a political thinker, God help us all.

"It seems a stirring vision of affirmation, Whitmanesque in its large embrace." This is true and this is what is most feared.

5: Horse puckey. Y'all are just looking for some lyricism in politics.

"The essay is well worth a few cups of coffee and an Upmann Cameroon, if you’re man enough!"

Fat, self-indulgent republicans sucking on the wet end of a big brown Upmann.

Another chapter in the life of the "manly" finding their chests.

Mr. Welch -- is this your real name, or a homage to the founder of the Birch Society? Your comment was improper and it contributes nothing to the discussion.

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