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Oh Obama, Now Don’t you Lie to Me . . .

Senator Obama reminds us of the old joke: "How can you tell when a politician is lying?" (Hat tip, David Freddoso).

And Obama keeps saying that he’s tired of sound bite politics and "gotcha games." Chutzpah, thy name is Obama.

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Obama is indeed proving to be quite a liar. Doesn't surprise me. Let's hope there is a fearless Republican campaign against him, instead of a deferential and "civil" one.

cause' I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee?

It is perfectly possible both that Obama does not like Hamas, or at least finds it necessary to denounce Hamas in public, and that his election would be very good for Hamas. The cases are not parallel.

FDR famously said in 1940 that while it would be unfair to say that everyone who voted for Willkie was a Nazi sympathizer, it was fair to say that every Nazi sympathizer would be voting for Willkie.

If FDR said this (and I can believe he did), it says far more about FDR than about Willkie. Willkie was an interventionist, as were many Republicans! So the implied comparison to Obama is ludicrous, and Roosevelt's concession that not "all" Willkie supporters were "pro-Nazi" is sleight-of-hand character assassination by a man whose basic character was shot through with manipulation and deceit (despite, I concede, his objectively constructive role in the crisis of 1940-41). God knows I appreciate the anti-Obama sentiment, but he is going WITH the grain of his party, not AGAINST most of it, as Willkie did, in regard to foreign policy. In addition, Willkie was nominated primarily by interventionist elites (I use this word in a positive sense). Furthermore, pro-Nazis aside, the anti-interventionists of 1940 were patriotically motivated -- that is, not just vaguely appreciative of their country, which isn't enough to qualify as patriotism, but deeply concerned about America's national interest. They were wrong, but any comparison to the current peaceniks is unfair to MOST of the anti-interventionists (or to use the cheap shorthand, isolationists).

I watched the YouTube vid that was linked to. Watched it twice and it doesn't seem to show much of anything, other than McCain said OTHER things, IN ADDITION to those that Obama (accurately) quoted. Obama did not quote EVERYTHING that McCain said.

Either way, Obama Hussein Barack (yeah, I used his full name ... so what?), is very dangerous to America.

Dale Michaud - Help us calibrate here. You say "dangerous." What other candidates for U.S. President have been as dangerous as Obama?

It is his charisma, possibly manufactured by the media, that is dangerous.

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