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Anti-Green Britain

This is good news: More than seven in ten British voters "insist that they would not be willing to pay higher taxes in order to fund projects to combat climate change, according to a new poll. The survey also reveals that most Britons believe 'green' taxes on 4x4s, plastic bags and other consumer goods have been imposed to raise cash rather than change our behaviour, while two-thirds of Britons think the entire green agenda has been hijacked as a ploy to increase taxes."
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Powerline features a story today about some of the other problems besetting England.

It's horrific.

It is kind of amazing to me that you and Hayward actually gloat about anti-green news. I could see you smugly notifying us of an oil spill- "This ought to get the enviro-nazis' knickers in a twist..." I wonder who you're backing this November, since even McCain acknowledges that global warming exists. Maybe Hayward can set him straight by scheduling a special screening of his movie!

Subscribing to the fads of the day is never a good way of appearing clever.

Seems somebody didn't get that memo when he was a kid.

To be fair with Moskowitz, we have to realize that Great Britain is not ideologically anti-green, they are more green than the United States...but like any view point held by hardliners in a solid liberal democracy eventually people will find a tipping point, beyond which enough is enough. There is no political capital for praise of oil spills, but there is also not enough political capital to send us to the dark ages with draconian restrictions. Viewed in this way politics is a market and folks in Great Britain simply said enough is enough. This doesn't mean that folks in Great Britain might not want us to sign on to Kyoto...but at least they are smart enough to realize that everything has a cost. Because folks like Dan exist folks like Morty exist, for every push there is a pull, and they both exist because they are certain of the rightousness of the cause. May the war continue so long as ballots rightfully trump bullets.

In any case suscribing to the fads of the day may be the only way of "appearing" clever.

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