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Brooks’ VP Choices

David is waffling a bit on Nunn for Obama. His new idea is Tom Daschle, and that would make for an authentic ticket. Why shouldn’t Barack pick a very competent nice-guy liberal? But for McCain the best Brooks can come up with is Pawlenty and Portman--two yawners. Brooks does give us the news that Mac himself is thinking seriously about Meg Whitman (the billionaire who just stepped down as CEO of eBaby). I don’t know enough about her to comment much, but the jokes will start flying about McCain loving to surround himself with really, really rich women. And she may not be the ticket for holding the Reagan Democrats in place. On the other hand, given the Republican talent dearth, I’d be vetting her too. She may be great; she’s certainly hyper-competent and one of the most influential people in American business life today.

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Wouldn't "Peace and Pawlenty" make the best campaign slogan?

Of course, the connection between McCain's war stance and peace won't be obvious to many, and that would ruin the joke.

I would seriously consider Santorum, who isn't a "yawner," who is a man capable of ripping and tearing into the false messiah, who would perfectly fulfill the pit-bull role for the VP, would solidify his base, and would provide the intellectual firepower that is lacking with McCain at the top of the ticket.

And Santorum isn't like many another Republican, which is someone iffy on all of the major issues under the Sun.

Whereas before I suggested Santorum in a Devil's advocate kind of way, ------------------------------------ I'm seriously suggesting that he at least be considered, and that a cost/benefit analysis be performed.

Though I am beginning to think that our best bet may be a young, untried, Bobby Jindal.

This is what happens when you allow a President to mainstream ideological cluelessness throughout your party. Disaster. It's so bad we don't even have a starting lineup, let alone a decent bench.

Selecting Santorum would be the way to ensure a massive defeat. Santorum is not especially popular in Pennsylvania, or much of anywhere else.

Besides, Santorum has said some nasty things about McCain, and I'm sure there's little love lost between the two of them.

There's a good deal of hard truth in your words. And a good and healthy chunk of commonsense too. And only a fool throws commonsense overboard while charting out a campaign strategy.

However, ------------------ and there is a however, -------------------- your rendition of the facts is not complete nor comprehensive.

If every Republican politician who thought or said something "nasty" about McCain were barred merely for that, the list of available Republicans to pick from would be narrow indeed. But that's a minor point, because sharp disagreement with McCain won't prohibit somebody from getting on the ticket. It could easily be portrayed as but additional evidence of McCain's strength that he tapped somebody with whom he had sharp disagreements.

The VP needn't win a popularity contest. During the campaign, the VP traditionally goes after the head of the opposing ticket. During that process his own reputation and image invariably plummets, but that doesn't stand in the way of victory, nor does his own rising negatives impede the advance of the one at the head of the ticket. That Santorum does not enjoy the type of false popularity that guys like Colin Powell previously enjoyed shouldn't be viewed as a detraction, but as an asset. Santorum has fought for the American people. In the course of those battles, his reputation has suffered. But that's more an image thing, not a matter of substance. If you asked your typical American what he knows about Santorum, what would he have to offer............

It's been a matter of some debate over the years whether or not the VP pick actually assists the ticket. And on that subject I'm somewhat ambivalent.

But it should be recalled that Obama has been hurt particularly with the Catholic community by his weird and creepy association with "Rev" Wright. Selecting a Catholic running mate might be a good way of reaching out to a community that already has serious qualms about the man who looks to be the Democrat standard-bearer.

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