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Mrs. Clinton’s latest comments, suggesting that Mr. Obama is the candidate of blacks, not whites:

"I have a much broader base to build a winning coalition on," she told USA Today in an interview published yesterday.

She referred to an Associated Press story on Indiana and North Carolina exit polls "that found how Sen. Obama’s support among working, hardworking Americans, white Americans, is weakening again, and how whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me."

Have angered and upset many. To me they suggest that Mrs. Clinton is battening down to be in for the long haul. On the other hand, her desperation might be the very thing that leads her to go too far, and forces her from the race. A few more such outbursts and she’ll not only be out of the race, but her reputation will be in tatters as well.

Update: I suppose one could say, don’t fire Mrs. Clinton until you can see the whites of her lies.

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God help us. This might be the first time that Hillary has told the truth. She might take it a step further and suggest that Obama's campaign may, as yet, closely resemble McGovern's failure in 1972. In addition to being the last time that the "pointy headed intellectuals" chose the nominee for the dems, this campaign was also purportedly the one that allowed Hillary to wash away the sins of her Goldwater days. Might this be yet another conversion for Hillary? From Goldwater girl to McGovernite to a Reagan democrat. You could not make this stuff up.

All she did was accurately comment on the various groups backing each candidate. But in an age freighted with the fads and follies of political correctness, truth itself is a taboo.

Her support is much broader than his, yet he's the one out there constantly chirping about "unity" and bringing people together. He can't even bring Democrats together, yet he's supposed to bring the country together.

Hillary smashed him in Pennsylvania, even capturing the youth demographic, {18 to 29}. SINCE THE WRIGHT BUSINESS HAS COME TO THE FORE, she's captured MORE of the Democrat popular vote than he has. Not the total mind you, just that total tallied since the emergence of the hate-filled "Reverend." But she's the one that is being browbeaten and pressured to step aside. As if Obama has the right to have his opponents step aside when it suits him.

It would be easier for Hillary to secure the Black vote in the Fall, than for Obama and Wright to secure the support of Catholics and Christians come November. The Black community has a long history of falling in behind whatever Democrat. Not so the Catholics they need to prevail in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The Democrats are brain dead to throw Hillary under the bus, and all for a false messiah who can't even unify their party.

It might be attributable to their confidence heading into the general. They feel this is the time they can ram home the most radical of all Democrat candidates going back to Wallace, {Henry, not George}. Their confidence that Bush has left the electorate uniquely vulnerable to their radical creed could lead to their undoing. "Could" mind you, not necessarily will. McCain instills little confidence that he can take advantage of this Democrat blunder.

Hillary spoke the truth, but without much grace. Demographics are destiny in politics, and Barack Obama has gone from being a candidate who happens to be black, to the black candidate.

The open question is whether the rifts in the Democratic Party can mend: will clingy, bitter white guys come back, and vote for Obama?

I certainly hope not. If they do, Obama wins. If they don’t in sufficient numbers in states in play this year (e.g. Ohio, Pennsylvania), McCain has a decent chance.

Obama's primary victories in GOP-safe states such as North Carolina mean zip. Let's see how he'll do against a solid opponent in the fall, one who lacks Hillary's baggage.

There was no other path that Michelle and Barrack were going to take, for they are adopted children of their father, the "Reverend" Wright. Sooner or later their campaign was going to devolve into one of black radicalism, black supremacism, black liberation theology. Sooner or later the deep sense of ENTITLEMENT that overflows from them was going to spill out into their campaign. It was always going to turn out that way.

And I sensed as much over a year ago, way before the whole "Reverend" Wright story came out. There was a tremor in the force.

Barrack Hussein Obama was and is a thoroughgoing radical, and his wife, "Michelle, my belle" as Mark Steyn terms her, is EVEN more of a radical than he is, which is saying something.

They began by veiling their deep radicalism, but it's oozing to the fore now.

I can't believe the Democrats are ditching Hillary. The Dems couldn't take N.C. when they had on the ticket a native son of the state. Do they really think they stand more of a chance this go 'round? Obama himself described Indiana as the rubber match. He had the lead going in, he outspent her FOUR TO ONE, yet she still took the Hoosier state.

Yet that means nothing, for the nomination must go to the messianic one.

One wonders how many black votes Snobama would have received if he were Chinese. Course race is an unimportant aspect here.

I can't wait for Snobama race against his fellow Marxist McCain.

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