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Deneen on Supreme irony

Patrick Deneen nails the Lockian (or rather even more abstract) liberalism inherent in the California Supreme Court decision. There’s lots to criticize in it, and he makes a very good start.

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Here's Lowry on the politics and immediate practical implications of the decision. A "disaster for self-government" he rightly says.

But Dr. Pat tells himself, "but it's not the CORE issue with respect to marriage and liberalism," and so he keeps voting in the manner that empowers those judge-rulers.

Busy now, but maybe later I'll summarize my long posts from several days ago, which show that otherwise I'm with Pat in focusing on the importance of that one passage.

If anyone's read the whole, or nearly the whole, decision, do chime in. To my mind the "rational basis test" is utilized in a manner that has some new wrinkles to it.

But all that's academic...Lowry gives you the bottom line.

Life is about contracts. We can contract however we like so long as it doesn't infringe on others' freedom. Gay marriage in no way infringes on others freedom.

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