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The Washington Post reports this morning that the National Cathedral is in fiscal trouble. The Cathedral has had to lay off 33 people, including some clergy (male or female???), and close the greenhouse. Now this is the Episcopal National Cathedral. You know, the denomination once referred to as "the Republican Party at prayer." Rich folk. The National Cathedral being on hard times is like Goldman Sachs not being able to make money on Wall Street, the NY Yankees not being able to win with the biggest payroll in baseball, like Michael Jordan not being able to dunk over Freddie Patek, like Democrats not being able to win an election in Massachusetts. Imagine how much money the National Cathedral would raise in the hands of a fundamentalist or evangelical (or Catholic) denomination.

Just shows that fiscal incompetence follows theological incompetence (says this ex-Episcopalian).

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"They should have seen the writing on the wall," said one former employee. I would have liked to be there the day that happened.

I wonder how a federal bailout package could be worded?

Best line? "Michael Jordan not being able to dunk over Freddie Patek" (the fine KC Royals short - you can say that again - shortstop.)

I'd never heard the phrase/descriptor, "the Republican Party at prayer." Was that to counterbalance the characterization of the RC Bishops as "the Democratic Party at prayer"?

I thought Reform Judaism was the Democratic Party at prayer.

Why don't they hit up the rich queers for money? After all the Episcopal Church has done for them it seems to me they owe something.

Paul Seaton gets the prize for picking up my most obscure similie. I was afraid I might be the only person who remembered the diminutive Freddie Patek in this age of steroid-soaked big league players.

Why in the heck does the National Cathedral have a greenhouse?

The National Cathedral has grounds. It has broom closets and furnace rooms, too. I am sure now they will hire Chemlawn - neighborhood kids, if any, with lawnmowers won't be able to do that job. Unless they let the place go to weed and wild. Wouldn't that be something in the middle of DC? I have just read that in Canton (OH) you can go to jail for failing to mow your lawn.

I can see more "grounds" for keeping the greenhouse than for the other things they are planning to do with the money. International outreaches for global peace and such things have to be expensive. No wonder they blew through their bequest.

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