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HRC’s religious outreach

Jacques Berlinerblau performs an autopsy on the corpse of HRC’s campaign, finding a healthy faith and values outreach effort.

He thinks that Obama’s success among frequent churchgoers bodes well for him and ill for McCain in the fall. I suspect that the frequent churchgoers Berlinerblau sees are African-American. I further suspect that Obama will continue to do poorly among Catholics and relatively poorly among Jews in the fall. Somehow I don’t think that his approach to foreign policy will win him many friends among the friends of Israel.

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Relatively poorly among Jews, like Kerry? You're buying the right's spin on this, Joseph.

The American Jewish vote for Republicans seems have little to do with foreign policy as it relates to Israel. Unfortunately, McCain's support for Israel probably won't win him enough support among Jews to make much difference in the election.

2: I tend to agree. Younger Jews are in the tank for Obama, or will be. Older Jews will require a good deal of campaigning, by appropriate surrogates and by Obama himself. The campaign may end up dropping a few advisors. Obama will make some carefully tailored hand-holding speeches. At the end of the day, Jewish support for the Democratic candidate will be approximately what it almost always is -- very high. As for HRC's "healthy" faith and values outreach effort -- could we please find a better word? I'd prefer "healthy" to be reserved for good things.

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