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Oh Give me a Cave!

Ben Boychuk is on a roll this week. Over at RedBlueAmerica he brings our attention to this "new" idea for men: man caves or "Mantuaries." Never mind that "mantuary" sounds more like mortuary than sactuary . . . Ben’s laughing at the notion that people today seem to find something new in it. As he says, back in his day (Ben’s under 40 btw) men used to call these rooms . . . hold on now, what was it . . . oh, yes . . . "dens" or "basements." At my house, we call it a "garage" and it’s possible probable that I like its existence even better than my better half likes it. Of course, there’s a clinical psychologist weighing in for good measure. It really is likely that, in the last generation or so, we have made ourselves so willfully stupid about the nature of the differences between men and women and the relationships between them that we actually will have to reinvent the wheel. Funny thing . . . it turns out still to be round.

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There's a show too!

And it's called .......................... you guessed it! ------------------------------- MAN CAVES! It's on the DIY Network, and it has Tony Siragusa, former NFL lineman, as one of the hosts. They travel around the country fixing up a "man cave" for a guy who is in desperate need of it. Usually the guy looks like one of those poor wretches who is living one of those lives of "quiet desperation."

The show is hilarious by the way. And yes, I've seen it several times now, {I've been in a home repair and upgrade mood of late...}. Hence I've been checking out the DIY Network. This Summer I intend to construct a new cellar entrance, re-landscape around the home, and enhance the basement so that it's more than a mere storage area.

Loved the heading for your post Julie. You ought to go on a speaking tour. I'd pay to see and hear ya'.

Checks can be forwarded to . . .

I once helped a neighbor move an old washing machine out of his basement to his garage. Upon completion of this task my good neighbor offered me a beer as payment so we proceeded down to his "man cave" which was a corner of the basement sectioned off by an old paisley shower curtain and held a recliner that had seen much better days, an old fridge filled with natural light and a black and white 12 inch television that could pick up some sporting events on a clear day. The neighbor was quite proud of his cave and we enjoyed a couple of beers that afternoon until the wife and three daughters came home. I was asked to silently leave after that.

Wow George. That description reminded one of the Roman Catacombs.

Men, in hiding, surreptitiously sating their appetite for a cold one, but only so long as their masters were away.

That makes for the type of reading that leaves a man content with being a bachelor.

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