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The Dumbest Generation reviewed

Our friend Jon Schaff does the honors.

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"In contemplating the fate which virtue, morality, even piety have in history, we must not fall into the litany of lamentations that the good and pious often, or for the most part, fare ill in the world, while the evil and wicked prosper....What makes men morally discontented--a discontent on which they pride themselves--is that they do not find the present appropriate for the realization of aims which in their opinion are right and good--especially the ideals of political institutions of our time. They contrast things as they are with their ideal of things as they ought to be. In this case it is neither private interest nor passion that desires gratification, but reason, justice, liberty. In their name people demand their due and often are not merely discontent but rebellious against the condition of the world. To estimate such views and feelings one would have to examine the stubborn demands and dogmatic opinions in question. At no time as much as in our own have such general principles and notions been advanced with so much pretentiousness. At other times history seems to present itself as a struggle of passions. In our time, however, though passions are not wanting, history exhibits partialy a struggle of passions and subjective interests under the mask of higher pretensions."(Hegel, Reason in History p.46 Hartman translation)

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