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The New Democratic Coalition

According to Paul Begala it is "eggheads and African-Americans." Moreover, it is a coalition with which--he asserts--they cannot win. (H/T: Hugh Hewitt) Read the whole transcript from Begala’s exchange with Donna Brazile. Geez . . . talk about bitter!

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I think he's right to a certain extent, upscale, guilty Caucasian libs and the radical elements of Black America are unlikely to deliver a victory in the Fall.

I think the Democrats are insane if they discard the woman who won a smashing 10 point victory in Pennsylvania just 2 weeks ago, where she was outspent 3 dollars for every one.

She should come out later today for a national broadcast, {it will be expected that she will be pulling out,} and she should say: "This nomination is mine, I demand Barack Hussein Obama to leave the race, I refuse to allow the decision of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and New York to be overridden by emotions run amok by delegates that should know better; were we to extend the nomination to Barack Hussein Obama, Reverend Wright would overstretch the campaign like the angel of death stretched forth over the Egyptians in the movie The Ten Commandments, so I'm going to take this to the convention where I WILL prevail." That's the statement she should deliver. She should also say heretofore I've forwent focusing on Wright, but he is a radical that is an embarrassment to the party and the nation, and what the Republicans will do with him and Obama's wife won't bear mentioning.

She needs to spell it out in detail. She needs to portray the horrors that will befall an Obama nomination.

"eggheads and African-Americans" is an accurate summation of Obama's support, so I don't see any bitterness in that remark.

Well John, Hillary Clinton would like the superdelegates to believe that eggheads and blacks make up Obama's base...that way she can say: look these folks vote for democrats anyways, why not pick me so that we can win...that is the simple version of what could be a more complex nuanced and quantified math that could still send Hillary to the white house, if superdelegates bought the math and electability was the only issue...on the other hand I would suppose that democrats have an air of invincibility in this election and believe that Obama can really get a much larger base than Hillary Clinton would want to admit...that is no one buys a good argument comming from a used car salesman.

While I think Hillary Clinton has a solid argument if well made, I don't think Begala did it any favors...because Obama does have a larger base than the charicature...and he is more than likely to pick up most of the Clinton vote...because as Dan will remind Republicans we can't run to the center without alienating the base(something that Clinton's math seems to reject).

It is probably living on false hope to think that the Clinton folk will vote for McCain...(something the Clinton team wants everyone to believe)however it is much more likely than the Obama vote doing so.

It's not only eggheads, but people infected with that classic egghead emotion, white guilt. Sadly, this is an enormous number of voters. White guilt is the driving force of Obama's campaign. A joke of a candidate like "all-talk Barack" would not succeed to the extent he has, were we a healthy, self-confident society. Obama fulfills phony needs brilliantly. But they are no less phony for that.

I don't think Clinton can trash Obama's friends, because they used to be her friends, or Bill's friends. Can she successfully look like a moderate? To see her touted as a conservative Democratic candidate means being willing to forget - well - a whole lot. Someone else can spell that out if he wants to. I don't have time.

But I know people who would vote for McCain, if Obama loses, because he is left enough, in their eyes, and they don't like Hillary.

But yesterday, the pastor's wife said she is enjoying her last few weeks of trashing McCain (who she has never liked) before she has to settle down to claiming him as her man. If Obama wins this...O.K....when Obama wins this, it will be very nice to be able to settle in to characterizing the race as one between a realist with ideals and an unrealistic idealist. McCain has to blow the election to lose it. I sure hope he is a good president.

She has to trash Obama's associates so as to demonstrate what the Republicans can and will do to Obama's associates. She has to snap that party out of their messiah fixation. She can't do that without targeting Obama, his wife, Wright, Cone, et al.

This is really ugly stuff of course.

But nonetheless, she has to go after him for his CHOSEN associations, --------------- just as McCain's campaign will have to similarly target him.

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