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The Obama puzzle

Our friend Jon Schaff assembles some of the pieces, including this invaluable John Kass piece on the disconect between the Obama-as-reformer narrative and the reality of Obama’s silence in the face of the tawdriness of the Chicago politics with which he is intimately connected. Where, one might ask, are the investigations of David Axelrod’s career in Chicago politics?

Jon also calls attention to Stanley Kurtz’s account of the collected trumpetings of Jeremiah Wright, a public record of the views Obama can’t claim to have missed or slept through in the pews of Trinity United Church of Christ. Perhaps he didn’t read the Trumpet or hear the sermons, but then what was he doing affiliated with that church?

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It all makes for some grim and unpleasant reading this Mother's Day.

I don't see how a race that features Barrack Hussein Obama and his wife is going to be able to avoid becoming real, real ugly.

And how can the GOP, the party of Lincoln, possibly ignore all of the years that Obama spent lapping up the conspiracy theories and the poisons of "Reverend" Wright. There's just no way. How can America get beyond race by electing a congregant in a Church of Black supremacism.

The GOP is now solemnly obligated and duty-bound to thoroughly and completely expose what was going on in that Church AND OTHER Churches throughout Black America. Whereas before political acumen suggested the prudence of using Obama's Wright connection, now, because of the details of that connection, and what it says about Obama, it becomes an obligation of citizenship, so that the American people can make an informed decision about the Democrat nominee, {if he does indeed secure the nomination}.

What a horrible thought on Mother's Day.

How is it possible for a man to have spent most of his adult existence with "Reverend" Wright, and go on to secure the Democrat nomination, and how is it possible for that man and his wife to think they're ENTITLED to The White House. How is that possible? What does that say about him, what does that say about her, what does that say about the state of America's higher education? Few people in American history have had the education of Barrack Hussein and Michelle Obama. And after all of that education, both went off to become apostles for "Reverend" Wright. It's mind boggling.

But if any candidate read THIS Trumpet I'm sure we wouldn't be hearing much, if any, protest at all from the right.

It's real simple, Craig. We like stuff that's pro-America and anti-terrorist. Why do you like it the other way around?

1: "After all that education ..." Well said.

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