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The American Conservative EUNOMIA">site offers some quite astute and relatively nonpartisan commentary on the election. Here’s the best case for optimism about McCain’s November victory: 1. Obama should be much further ahead in the polls than he is now; this is time for the canidate of the non-incumbent party to run amok, like Kerry did in 2004. It’s likely that CHANGE come fall is not going to be Barack’s friend. 2. The Republicans are in denial about how bad the Senate races look. Even Mitch McConnell is running behind! By October, it will probably be clear that the Republicans will be reduced to 40 or fewer seats--leaving them in no position to offer any resistance at all to President Obama. 3. McCain will be able to appeal quite effectively to fears about an UTTERLY UNCHECKED, very inexperienced, and very liberal president. What’s bad news for the party is good new for Mac, and that shouldn’t be all that surprising.

EUNOMIA also offers very good arguments against McCain choosing Romney for VP and against Obama choosing Webb. The key point in both cases is that the candidate won’t be helped by an obviously inauthentic choice.

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Peter, with all of the weirdos making up what can only be described as Barrack Hussein Obama's equivalent to "Mr. Roger's neighborhood," {Ayers, Dohrn, Wright, Farrakhan, and now Pfleger, and all the others still waiting in the wings, much like the notorious "player to be named later"}, if the GOP handles the situation well, which they can easily do, ------------------------- McCain could win 40 states.

Obama has surrounded himself with anti-American Marxists, radicals and racists, ---------- and that's not in any way an extreme or outlandish statement. That's the only rational and reasoned take on his chosen associations for the last 20 years.

And that type of weirdness at the top of the ticket, can be counted on to have a trickle-down effect upon Democrats all the way down the ballot. As the extreme and radical nature of Obama becomes more widely known, id est, that he's a flat-out radical Leftist, Democrat chances for absolute control of the Senate is going to undergo a change.

Alarm about the Senate races is appropriate. Defeatism is not.

I'm not personally a defeatist. But I also don't share Dan's optimism.

I'm not optimistic, it's just that I'm not pessimistic either.

And you should note too, that I put in a qualifier, which is that the GOP has to play their cards right.

Even a good chunk of the Democrats know that Obama is beyond the pale. If even the Democrats sense as much, I'd say that doesn't bode well for his chances come the Fall. You heard what Hillary's supporters were saying the other day at the big Dem confab, they were saying that those backing Obama were "throwing away the election." Won't take long for buyer's remorse to set in, even more than it has already.

I have not been keeping track of Senate races, but have heard that the Democrats were careful in their candidates, choosing fairly conservative ones. Does anyone here know if that is true?

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