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Hitchens on Hillary

No doubt this Christopher Hitchens piece will offend some, but it is a must read. Title: "The First Excuse: Don’t blame sexism for Hillary Clinton’s defeat."   

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It is just delightful to think those people will not reside in the White House again. It's not as if they will retire to the south of France and leave us be. Nor like Idi Amin, go to Saudi Arabia, which seems suitable to me. Yet at the least, they will actually have to work to be noticed and we won't have see stories about them every day, anymore. Or at least we won't once Christopher Hitchens & company get over talking about them.

That was a funny piece, no doubt about it; Hitchens cackles in his own sweet way. But I wish we could compact to ignore them. I would love it if we could say, "There's one for the history book!" and close the cover. We keep not ignoring Jimmy Carter, and look what that does for us, or rather, what he does to us.

"No anthropologist or ethnologist or geneticist of any reputation really believes that the human species is subdivided by race...."

Yeah, okay, that may be the way things are on Neptune, but I thought Hitchens was supposed to be writing about earth.

Kate, if you enjoy the sweet cackle of Christopher Hitchens, be sure to check out his books about Mother Teresa, religion, and such.

Since I don't, and never did, blame sexism for Hillary's defeat (and can't think of anyone I know who did), I'll pass on his latest thoughts, though...

Craig Scanlon, I am guilty of enjoying reading Chris Hitchens whether I agree with him or not. Maybe I even like him better when I think he is a fathead. I haven't read your "such." Is it funny?

I do know people (Just women, do they count?) who blame sexism for Hillary's defeat. I know others (Democrats) who blame racism in a reverse way as in Hillary would have won if Obama were a white man. But they like her and I don't.

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