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Jim Webb as Obama’s VP

The Politico’s gives a few reasons why it is not likely that Sen. Jim Webb will become Obama’s running mate. And yet, this is America, and it is the crazy season, and there is a weird connection between neo-confederates and multiculturalists.

I add, in passing, something I have said many times before: Webb is an impressive guy, a fine writer (but I disagree with him on Iraq and the connection between the Declaration and the Constitution). Obama is more likely to look toward a former senator from Georgia, who has more experience and a lot more authority on defense matters than does Webb, plus no baggage.

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Do you mean Max Cleland? I haven't seen his name mentioned anywhere else, but he is an interesting possibility.

I wonder if the way Obama used the Iraq war vote as a wedge with Democrats might preclude Cleland, however. (Cleland voted for the Iraq War.)

Jim Webb, my senator, is an impressive man. Of the three Virginians being mentioned as veep choices (Gov. Tim Kaine, Mark Warner, Sen. Webb), he's the one most likely to bring along some of those "bitter" and clingy good old boys (and gals).

What would be distressing to many of us bitter clingy types, however, is Webb selling his soul to the Obama cult.

Jim Webb is a man of honor and American pride. Barack Obama is, well, neither of those things. He's a multi-cultural post-modernist naif whose political philosophy seems to be "I'm ok, you're ok."

Nick's earnest and/or wry remark is what you get, Peter, for being coy. Nunn, as I've said, is his best choice.
(It might be the case, though, that making the big deal about interviewing retired generals means that ultimately Obama is not planning a "national security" choice.)

Not that I'd make it a big issues, but Webb has been married three times, now to a Vietnamese immigrant lawyer.

For some reason, The Alamanac of American Politics is silent on this, but it did come up in the 2006 Senate race.

Webb was perhaps "an impressive guy," although a little crazy, at one time. Now he's just another venomous Democratic senator who happens to have a more interesting background than usual.

As for Nunn having no baggage, you might look first at an op-ed in today's WaPo. Nunn has not been suitably deferential to gay interests, and that may be enough to scare off the candidate for Change.

Moral: there's always baggage of some kind, according to some one.

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