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The Drudge Report points us to this story from Spain:

Spain’s parliament voiced its support on Wednesday for the rights of great apes to life and freedom in what will apparently be the first time any national legislature has called for such rights for non-humans.

The mind reels! I am friendly to the notion that there are right and wrong ways for humans to treat animals. That, however, is different from saying that animals deserve rights. Rights imply responsibility (which, incidentally, is why the human right to own animals also gives humans the responsibility to treat animals properly.) What responsibilities are incumbent upon the apes? To put it another way, what does the Spanish Parliament think rights are?

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That's not the only monkey business in the news. Why does anyone ever consider running for President these days? The news cycle is glaring and relentless. Is it possible to carry on in the national spotlight these days and not make a monkey of oneself? Even innocent (if silly) things like carrying around a "good luck charm" become international incidents and all because of an offhand comment in an obscure article. Should Obama bow down before this idol or reject it? It is hard to say. He must feel like the monkey in the middle.

Watch for the spanish parliament to follow this up with giving the great apes a vote in upcoming elections. The lieing, thieving policos found out that even granting criminals, ever younger kids and mentally unbalanced people the priviledge to vote, does not guarantee their re-election. There must be some group of "voters" that will not question what it is voting for.

I might rather be ruled by apes than by a socialist Spanish Parliament.

One can't help but wonder what former Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli would make of all this?

Dizzy chose the side of the angels, -------------------- it seems others have chosen the side of the apes.

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