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I know it is a little early to be gaming out what course an Obama Administration might take, but already one can see the outline of disappointment on the left if he doesn’t deliver. Withdrawal from Iraq is the easy case to see, but what about the folks who won’t let go of their Bush-hatred and want to have the Bushoisie investigated for war crimes? Stuart Taylor reflects on the silliness of this today in the National Journal.

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More like wild-eyed frenzy.

Read the piece. Then ponder this quote from it, "Among those calling explicitly or implicitly for criminal investigations are 56 House Democrats." I don't know what standard Taylor is using to divide the explicits from the implicits, but FIFTY-SIX is a shocking number nonetheless.

How many of the remaining Democratic representatives call for the censure of this sort of vile witch-huntery by their colleagues? That would be zero, even implicitly. Oh, but do remember, when partisan animosity exists it must-must-must be occuring on both sides Equally, and its occurence must somehow be the fault of conservatives Ultimately. Somehow.

(Also note again the sad internal effort by Amnesty International, the Boy Who Obscenely Cried GULAG! about the War on Terror, to destroy their reputation for moral probity among non-leftists.)

That ole saying "What goes around, come around" will apply to those nutcakes, and they should be very careful. But on the other hand these people are just do not have very much common sense.

Taylor seems to mean that these efforts would be injudicious and imprudent, not "silly." The question is, in my opinion, how do we get beyond this administration's excesses without perhaps even more damaging excess.

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