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Tolerance is Intolerance

Andrew Coyne has an amusing live blog of the trial of Mark Steyn for hate crimes.

Let’s pursue the logic here. If publishing things critical of Islam can be construed as a hate crime, would the very presence of churches and synagogues be hateful to muslims? Wouldn’t their very existence imply that Mohammad was a false prophet and that the Koran was written by human hands? Surely, Canada’s "Human Rights" bureaucrats ought to construe that is an insult to all good Muslims.

Such is the logic of hate crimes laws.

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Clearly, we did not get "Stick and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me," from the Koran. How did the Canadians forget this valuable piece of traditional wisdom?

Ignoring the wisdom of "sticks and stones. . ." They must be anti-aborigonee--another protected group in Canada, by the way.

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