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All the numbers are now lined up for Obama to be able to say that he has the number of delegates needed, since so many superdelegates came out for him during the day today, and then this AP count seems to confirm it even without the delegates he will win in today’s last primaries. The most interesting story of the day is that Hillary, in a phone call with Democratic legislators, admitted that she might be willing (or even interested) in becoming Obama’s running mate. While her mode of doing this is a bit cold and calculating, it should not surprise. She will still be the story, even on his day. He will gently decline, but not just yet, and she will say she was misunderstood, that she isn’t campaigning for the position. No one will believe her, yet she will have put him in a tight spot. Clinton politics all the way to the end.

In the meantime, this small note
on why Sarah Palin (Gov of Alaska) should be McCain’s running mate. I am amused by a comment on a thread in the form of a palindrome, a suggestion for a perfect campaign button:
"Harass sensuousness, Sarah". Another wag suggest that’s not as good a "Amabo Obama", but I like it.

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Gov Sarah Palin -- the only VP if McCain wants to win!

Considering the subject, I feel it's appropriate to point out that the correct spelling is palindrome, with only one l.

A Palin palindrome might be fun and cute, but what would it mean for her to "harass sensuousness," exactly?

Craig: OK, I fikst it. Dammnn your fatt language, can't get it wright.

What a "unity ticket" Obama/Clinton would make. Yet, won't he be forced by party politics to do something with her? Where can he put her that she can't hurt him? His situation reminds me of what Lyndon Johnson was said to have said about someone, It’s probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in.

And, after watching both McCain's and Obama's speeches on TV Tuesday night, McCain no less than NEEDS to run Alaska Gov Sarah Palin as his VP mate.

"Obama amabo" might look good, but it's not good Latin. Wouldn't it be "Obamam amabo," "I shall love Obama?"

Unless of course the object is to simply make a pleasing combination of sounds, signifying nothing.

Sort of like the candidate himself...

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