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More McCain VP Pick Gossip

Mac may have given "a serious hint" that it’s going to be Pawlenty.

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Misdirection? Play action?

Jindal is out. Of course Bobby wisely used his moments of VP buzz to increase his national profile. Now he gets serious and takes care of his state. Jindal couldn't run with only 6 months of experience and that he and McCain were merely helping one another with buzz.

and that helps...nothing? Doesn't appeal to the south, nor to women--at least the sorts of women who are likely to be upset about the fact that McCain has voted for insurance to cover Viagra, but not birth control pills.

Pawlenty's energy experience might be a small boon, but I have the distinct feeling that the Republicans just want to sit this one out. Who could blame them?

What happened to all the Palin talk? Oops - whiff of scandal.

If Pawlenty helps the ticket, it remains to be seen how. I pray that McCain doesn't just go with someone he likes who has no obvious minuses (whoever that is). That just isn't good enough. I suspect John Kasich may be the best choice of a problematic lot. And there's been almost no talk about him.

McCain has to win it on his own-- conservatives, fiscal and social, swing state voters. VP pick alone can't do it for him. No Bushies but a he-man with solid experience is the only rule. Let Obama go exotic with his pick, and see where that gets him--governor of Illinois.

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