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Religion and presidential preference

This Gallup analysis finds that voters who say that religion is an important part of their daily lives tend to favor the less overtly religious John McCain over the soft theocrat Barack Obama. (There are exceptions: religion doesn’t play much of a role in the preferences of Latino and African-American voters.)

But to explain the other, one may not have to look any further than this.

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This is mistaken analysis.

It's not the soft theocracy that Obama pushes that's turning off voters. It's him, his past with Wright, with Farrakan, it's his wife, with her episodic blurting out of what she and her husband really think and feel. THAT'S the key for Obama.

Don't make the mistake of misreading religious resistance to the false messiah by attributing it to all one cause, such as the electorate favouring a less overt religiosity than one more flamboytantly displayed.

There's a host of problems inherent in Obama's candidacy, -------- there's really no need to go trying to identify one thread as more important than the rest.

Just chalk it all up to the halo of the false messiah becoming increasingly unglued.

It is ridiculous for religious voters to give a candidate extra points for seeming religious. Unless all other important things are equal. And between Obama and McCain, they most certainly are not. McCain, even if as I suspect he's really a borderline agnostic, is closer to the Western -- including Christian -- cultural tradition than the egregious, multiculturalist, radical BHO. Obama is a social-gospel pseudo-Christian who is all about man-made "justice." That is not religious, my friends.

He characteristically doesn't make much of it, but McCain attends a Baptist church.

Joe, you know I agree with you on politics and religion issues 95% of time, right? I mean, "you the man" on these things, seriously.

So given that, let me vigorously object to your loose use of the word "theocrat." We cannot complain about the way this word is used by the many unhinged liberal and libertarians to describe religion-informed social conservatism if we start using it to describe Obama's various religion-connected stances and policies.


I was trying (and obviously failing) to be ironic.

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