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A Quiet Month (for me, anyway)

Well, we’re headed off in the morning for the annual marathon camping trip. This time we’re headed here and here for sure. Probably also here (where it seems Nature just keeps changing) and possibly here. All of which is just a warm up for the ultimate destination of Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Parks. But I’m really hoping we’ll get to go here while my son is hoping to go to this Dinosaur Center.

In any event, we’ll be busy and my access to the Internet (and electricity, running water, television and newspapers) will be less than limited until next month when I’ll have quite a bit of catching up to do in order to be ready for this.

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Just a thought. The Buffalo Bill museum may be similar to Monument Valley, if one looks at Monument Valley as Sergio Leoni allegedly did when he visited--"this is where John Ford made his movies!" Walker Percy says that in films (as in life?), if one presents Grand Canyon, it is better to see it in the context of Cary Grant (sp?) suspended in the midst of a geopolitical spy caper, than it is to see it in terms of the ordinary tourist. Nonetheless, in life (or film?) who is Cary Grant?

John . . . is there another reason to go to MV? If there is, I confess that it had not occurred to me!

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