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Carter or Reagan?

Some have called Barack Obama the second coming of Jimmy Carter. Others have said that the appropriate historical parallel is Ronald Reagan--the eloquent semi-outsider who turned a close election into an epoch-making landslide. Our own Andy Busch isn’t persuaded by the latter analogy.

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Nor am I convinced of the 1980 analogy. Nor is the 1976 analogy apposite. However, the latter is a bit more fitting, if one plays the fool and wants to forecast. Obama will probably be just as spectacularly a failure as Carter. There will be lot's of big talk. After all, Obama can campaign very well against the "special interests." His record shows no aptitude for holding political office that requires making decisions. With Iraq, Iran, North Korea, China--and now Russia in South Ossetia, let alone high oil prices, falling dollar values (things getting better recently)--Obama will be weak. Perhaps this will be an opportunity for a return to Congressional supremacy--but that would only mean expansive administration, governed by even vaguer rules, with even less political accountability.

Not that McCain answers these problems, but I think he has better sense of the actual levers of government (their potential for both good or bad--let alone incompetence).

Hmmm. My impression from the Main Stream Media,, the Daily Kos and the left-wingers in general is that Obama is actually the second coming of Christ.

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