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Coming Soon: Amy Winehouse Speaks Out on the Importance of Sobriety

From The Independent, two days ago.

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With a name like that you might expect such a speech would come. After all if last names had in the past something to do with occupation, then over the years such a familly might have had its share of alcoholics. The greater share of acquaintance you have with alcoholics, the more important sobriety becomes. The children of pastors and clergy rebel and those born into the rough and tumble turn soft. Ages come and ages pass and the wheel of time turns.

Her music isn't that new, innovative, or even good, but since she has train-wreck life, we look on.

Good luck to her on her quest for such a grail, but I find that it will be as elusive as the Holy one.

Anyway, I don't think monogamy or the lack thereof is the issue in regards to AIDS in Africa.

Damn, Bill: You beat me to the funniest headline of the year, if not the whole decade.

Sometimes I write when I'm intoxicated--which is a bad idea. Perhaps Bill, under the scrutiny of the media, has been hittin' the bottle too!

Apparently, the newer NLT bloggers aren't familiar with the Ponzi Declarations on Hypocrisy of 2003 and 2006. As it turns out, hypocrisy is no big deal! But I'm predicting that there will be some amendment to these declarations, something in the form of an IOOKYAR (It's Only OK If You Are Republican - or a right-wing conservative who gets caught in the hypocrisy) clause. Because obviously it just wouldn't do to apply the same standards consistently in these matters.

"It is a particularly disgusting habit of the human mind that propels it to dismiss virtue because of some perceived hypocrisy on the part of virtue’s defenders. What is worse is the childish delight some characters seem to take in the public unveiling of such hypocrisy." Julie Ponzi, May, 2003

"But here we go down the whole 'hypocrisy' route again. Liberals love to salivate over the shortcomings of conservatives when conservatives don’t measure up to the high standards they set for themselves. But I’ll say it again . . . it’s better to aim high and fall hard than to aim low and reach your goals." - Julie Ponzi, 11/4/06

Cross posting a grievance I see.

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