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Ehrenhalt on demographic inversion

Alan Ehrenhalt reminds me why he’s one of my two favorite writers on things urban. In this piece, he talks about the migration of wealthy and young folks (largely white) back to central cities and the movement of "traditional" inner city dwellers (African-Americans and immigrants) to the suburbs. He reminds us that this was the 19th century European model, which isn’t an altogether ringing endorsement (think of the Parisian banlieue, with its "vertical Corbusian ghettos").

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I have been spending more time than usual in downtown Cleveland. From where I am staying, I can see Steelyard Commons in the visual context of downtown Cleveland. I can see the skyscrapers of Cleveland to the left of me and this shopping complex, backed by factories, on the right. It is a great view and the best thing about the place I am visiting. This is really something, having Walmart and other suburban stores just about downtown. It is a response to the sort of thing Erenhalt is writing about. Those young professionals we know who live in or near the downtown area love having those formerly suburban stores so close. They used to drive out to the suburbs to visit them, anyway. Now instead of going to the Target out near mom and dad in the suburbs, they can even take the bus to go to this one. The setting, right in the midst of industrial Cleveland, does not bother shoppers one bit. The place is always crowded, more than the Walmart in my little town, thirty miles east.

This is NOT the European model, but does make the city neighborhoods more viable and comfortable for the residents.

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