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Jacob Weisberg, writing in Slate, says that if Obama loses, it is because of racism. Couldn’t be that he’s another northern liberal elitist, like Dukakis, Gore, and Kerry? Nah. It’s because we’re racists. Rinse and repeat.

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That makes sense. Obama is FALLING in the polls because people are suddenly realizing he's black.

Maybe the more we see of this clown, the more people begin to see how wrong-headed he has been, is, and most likely will continue to be on the issues most important to this country.

Maybe Obama is falling in the poll because people are getting past the fact that he is black. What his "is" is disappoints.

Obama might be a northern liberal, but elitist? I think McCain - and those here at NLT hoping to help him - will have to drop that meme, considering the following:

- $520 loafers

- He lost track of how many homes he owns. Yes, that's something that the average American can relate to. He lost track of how many homes he owns

- He dumped his disfigured 1st wife for an uber-wealthy beauty queen

- He believes that rich begins at $5 million/year

McCain can't really hope to have much success, or change any minds, by ripping on Obama as "elitist."

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