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Jim Ceaser Vindicates the Kansans

...against a famous author who thinks he knows what’s the matter with them. Kansans know that the Republicans have been more right than not when it comes to national security and the economy, although, God knows, they haven’t always been right. So Jim is confident that they won’t vote to turn the whole government over to the Democrats. Don’t let the Democrats have it all has to be one McCain battle cry among many this fall. (Thanks to Ivan the K.)

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The image of all those 25-cents-poorer NYC straphangers reading a piece by James C. on a lurching subway brings a great big smile to my face. The NY Post! Congrats, Jim.

And it is a great piece.

Peter, I do like the slogan idea--conservatives need to give the Obama-hobby-horse a rest, and pound away on the theme of what is likely to happen if the Democrats get all three branches. Highlight just what it is they've promised, and what they've discussed they might do when they've found themselves in more congenial venues of disucssion.

Your "Don't Give the Democrats All in the Fall" is quite good. My contribution is the wordier: All Three Branches Democratic, Are You Insane? Do your Duty, Vote McCain!

It is a good piece, and following the links to related pieces, the New York Post looks much more interesting than it did when I was a temporary New Yorker.

I was talking to a young Swede yesterday about international politics and his country's perception of liberal/conservative politics in the US. He loves American conservative thinking and values and was saying how his neighbors have no clue how my neighbors, nor Kansans, for that matter, think about these or other things. For them, McCain is an also-ran, the evidently correct candidate being Obama, the only interesting person from America as far as Sweden is concerned. Though GWB cast as Satan has a certain fascination, too. Obama IS the best kind of conservative from their point of view, NOT the deluded kind, just middle-of-the-road. I guess it is a matter of perspective. It is funny to me that Franks has the same perspective, only crueler.

Tom Frank's entire Kansas book is about "false consciousness." His new book is about how conservatives govern. He points out all sorts of corruption--does he ever bother to define conservatism? Apparently conservatives are people he doesn't like, just as Ann Coulter defines liberals as those folk she does not like, just as Thomas Hobbes says that tyranny is governmenat not liked.

There is a lot of not liking here--WHAT IS ONE FOR?

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