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Here it is. Let’s hope Mac is intrigued by YOUTH, but not by BIPARTISANSHIP.

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I said earlier that Eric Cantor would make a splendid choice, and Cantor runs an exceptional staff.

Bill Kristol on many issues (e.g. immigration, propositionalism, et al.) is to the Left even of many Democrats. He is a true Trotsyite.

Really, though, in substantive issues (immigration, interventionism, trade) there is no difference between McCain and Obama. Chuck Baldwin is the only true conservative running.

And since when is politics the realm of perfection? When was the last time the American electorate was provided a perfect candidate?

What would Sozlhenitsyn make of your observation, that between a Lefty who is doing his level best to appear normal, and a guy who flirts with some Liberal positions, that there's no difference, so why bother.

Two members of Congress on a presidential ticket make a weak combination. Don't look for McCain to select any Congressman or Senator. Just doesn't work well for him, esp. since he himself has no executive experience. He needs a strong executive at his side. The constant focus on Congresspersons is mostly a sign of Washington insiders navel-gazing.

Look to the Governors: Pawlenty (still my best guess); Romney; Jindal; or Palin are the likeliest.

Palin has been promoted lately, and she is an attractive possibility. Perhaps she could uniquely help to save STevens' Senate seat for the GOP if she were on the ticket. But a state investigation of her role has been opened up recently in pressures to force some state official to resign. It may be nothing, but it's enough to cloud her reputation at the moment anyway and push her down to Mac's long list.

I basically agree with dennis that it would be better not to have a ticket w no executive exp.

The problem is that the best prospects as governors are either rookies (at the governor level) like Jindal and Palin, boring like Pawlenty, or contribute little like Romney. Would that Jindal had won his first race for governor. On the basis of who helps McCain with the voters he needs most (working class voters and especially working class whites) I think his best choice is Huck.

Note - I'm against Huck on policy and competence grounds. Its strictly an electoral analysis.

You can't make an issue of your opponent's lack of experience, especially executive experience, then choose as your VP a guy lacking such experience.

It undercuts the point you're trying to make.

He needn't pick an executive however. He need only pick a man who has spent the time seriously thinking about our strategic situation. And who can handle himself when getting hit with probing questions.

I don't know everything about Cantor, but he looks good. As does Palin.

And I want to suggest once again, RICK SANTORUM.

Unleash Santorum on the false and fraudulent messiah, and just watch the false messiah's poll numbers plummet. Santorum is a SERIOUS man, tough, seasoned, more than capable of addressing the issues that a President has to deal with.

Reagan lost the GOP primary, ---------- TWICE.

Nixon lost in '60, then went on to lose the race for Governor of California.

But that didn't dissuade Republicans from turning to them.

Why are we tossing Rick Santorum aside because he lost in a year when the public's loathing of GW reached such proportions, that any Republican would have lost that seat in '06. NAME ME the Republican who could have kept that seat in '06. Yet we dismiss one of the most capable within our ranks. This is brain dead!

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