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L’Affaire Edwards

There has been so much said the last few days about the snake John Edwards that there didn’t seem much left to say, but this story by Newsweek’s Jonathan Darman is breathtaking, for what it indicates about what a nutcase this Hunter woman is, how silly a person Edwards must be, and how clueless a reporter Darman must be not to have seen this coming.

Almost makes you long for the good old days of comprehensible sex scandals, like Gary Hart and Bill Clinton.

UPDATE: It gets weirder: Apparently there are psychics and astrologers involved in the story.

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Truly creepy. Jay McInerney's novel The Story of My Life has a character named Allison Poole who allegedly is based on Rielle. She is a real go-getter. She always has calls on her answering machine. She's gonna be something.

Well, she may not have made something as memorable of herself as Monica Lewinsky did, but at least I remember her name (for now) as opposed to Eliot Spitzer's call girl.

But Spitzer's call girl was much hotter!

Shall we their fond pageant see?
Lord, what fools these mortals be!

Do men semi-blindly see what they want to see? Just wondering.

I followed the link in the post above this one and above that reference found this one: CNN Website Gives Edwards Affair Higher Billing than the Russia-Georgia Fighting: It's telling that, as of midnight today, the CNN website is giving the Russia-Georgia conflict a lower billing than the latest revelations about John Edwards' extramarital affair.

I suppose it is easier to deal with simple fallen humanity than with violence that we would prefer to see as inhumanity?

Then there is this, UPDATE: MSNBC also has the Edwards story as its top headline. But, to its credit, the Fox News site is giving top billing to the Russia-Georgia story - despite Fox's longstanding reputation as the more superficial of the three big news networks.

Wow, that is weird. Perhaps Edwards should have consulted Joan Quigley??

Steve, the way you put it, it's almost like you're implying that sex scandals are the sole domain of Democrats and liberals. Of course that's not true. Should the GOP and conservatives take any pride in being involved in the majority of INcomprehensible sex scandals (and actual sex crimes)? I can certainly comprehend a weakness for Ashley Dupre (Spitzer's vice), but I can't comprehend Larry Craig's cruising of public bathrooms.

Kate, giving Fox any credit over how they handled this vs. the Russia-in-Georgia conflict is just laughable. If Fox didn't have a reporter chasing Edwards into a hotel restroom, I'm sure they're kicking themselves over it today, and they've probably got a pack of dogs sniffing for bodily fluids in the Edwards's curbside trash.

I'm hoping that I'm a young soul. That way, my previous incarnations are less likely to have run in to any of these twits.

Craig, I didn't think I was especially praising Fox News. I was deploring everyone else. I am no special partisan of Fox and find the idea of the Edwards' business being public business the worst sort of a pity. War in Georgia is news. The pitiable Edwards family situation is gossip. That American media outlets prefer the latter over the former is depressing.

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