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McCain’s Veep Choice

According to Byron, McCain and his peeps are meeting about veeps this afternoon. Robert Novak says it shouldn’t be Lieberman, but might still be anyway. I think Lieberman is a bad veepchoice, but it would have the virtue of not designating the GOP heir-apparent for the post McCain world, should McCain win and serve one term. More effective, as Novak suggests, is to announce that Joe will be Secretary of State or Defense in a McCain administration. One other possility: what if Lieberman, as a condition of his veep selection, agreed to caucus immediately with Senate Republicans this fall. Wouldn’t this return control of the Senate to the GOP? Confirming a few judges--or forcing a Dem filibuster--would go a long way to alleviating GOP anger toward a Lieberman pick.

I’m hoping for Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. I think she’d match up with Biden quite well. He’ll come across as overbearing if he’s in his usual mode, and she could get in some good shots at him. He can’t really say she doesn’t have enough experience, given Obama’s thin resume and even thinner agenda. I think it would scoop up some Hillary voters. And it might hold the prospect of the first woman-against-woman presidential election in 2012. What will the feminists complain about then? (I know, I know, I lack imagination. . .)

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Ridge, Romney and Lieberman are just killers, --------- killers, ----------------- of Republican hopes for the Fall.

I'm getting real nervous that McCain is going to give back all of that distance he closed over the last month, by selecting one of his "friends," such as Ridge or Lieberman.

Are Capitol Hill Republicans taking Conservative votes for granted, ------------ AGAIN?

We all know it's become something of a brain-dead habit for leading Repbublicans. But if McCain's staff thinks Republicans are going to show up and vote for McCain simply because they'll have no other choice, regardless of who he picks, ---------------------------- they're going to be disabused of that idiotic idea real quick like.

The turmoil we've all observed in Denver will be as NOTHING compared to the blowup in Minnesota, if McCain selects the Democrat or the stiff, ------------------ and a pro-choice stiff at that! {It's one thing to pick Giuliani, at least he's got some savvy, a national reputation and loads of personality, -------- but Ridge??????????????}.

unfortunately nobody seems to think palin is still in the lieberman himself has some good sense, and he would be of more use in Defense...

All I know about Pawlenty is from reading one National Review article and seeing him a couple of times on the interview shows. He seemed to have an honest neighbor thing going. Its not the worst thing in the world. He got elected governor of a Democrat leaning state twice - one time in a strongly Democratic year. That shows some toughness and the ability to reach out to moderates. Who knows if he has the steel to take on Biden in the Vice Presidential Debate? From what I've seen, Biden is a bully and a blowhard (I really, really dislike Biden). There is reason to hope that Biden's personality can be turned against him, like Al Gore's was, and there is also something to be said for low expectations. McCain could use a guy who combines executive experience with a regular guy demeanor.

I've seen Romney debate Ted Kennedy in 1994, his governor debate in 2002 and the primary debates this year. If McCain is looking for an effective debater, Romney isn't his guy. Maybe if Jindal was in his second term, McCain would have a clear strong choice. As it is, Pawlenty seems to have fewer political weaknesses than Romney or Lieberman.

PETER, precisely how is it that the lawyer, Lieberman, would be of more use at the Pentagon.

I hear guys tossing around lines like Lieberman "either at State or the Pentagon," but then I ask myself what exactly has Lieberman ever done that would lead us to believe he would make an exceptional Sec Def.

Lieberman's voice, his demeanor, his speaking style, the sound of his voice, ------------ effectively estops him from serious consideration for the being the voice and the face of America's foreign policy. He has some interesting things to offer in terms of advice, ------------- but people go to State and end up being "captured" by the bureaucracy there, which grinds down the confidence of men and women appointed to oversee State. The Democrat Lieberman would end up putting less resistance than Powell or Rice, ----- which as we all know wasn't much.

But the Pentagon?????????? Is Lieberman an amateur military historian? Does he know a thing or two about defense procurment, about the financial issues at the Defense Department.

We've had 8 long years of incompetent staffing. So I've a suggestion, a minor suggestion, ------------------------------------------ ENOUGH WITH THE 2d STRINGERS!

Leave Lieberman precisely where he is now, the United States Senate. Put Gingrich at State. Name Gaffney for Defense, or Richard Perle, or Lt. General McInerney as Sec Def or as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

Now we all recall NR begging, PLEADING with Romney to display some emotion, some passion, some fight in the GOP primary debates. They constantly bemoaned Romney's lack of gumption therein.

Yet just the other day, in her endless and weird boosterism of Romney, KLO offered as a reason in his favour the fact that he supposedly can get, as she termed it, "his Irish up" in a debate against Biden. One doesn't know whether to burst out laughing or shed silent tears when reading this type of nonsense, sheer nonsense.

Now I'm going to forego speculating on KLO's fixation with Romney, along with that of Laura Ingraham for that matter, ----------------------- but ENOUGH with the misrepresenations about the VP candidates.

Lieberman ISN'T all that, and never was, and isn't likely to become so in the foreseeable future.

Ridge is a stiff, a flat-out, robotic, unimaginative, verbally challenged stiff, and the fact that he's a close chum of GW doesn't make him VP worthy, if anything, it should BAR him from consideration. And it's nothing short of fantastical to deem him capable of "delivering" Pennsylvania.

And as for Romney, the reasons against him are too numerous to go into. It would take a minor tome to do justice to the case against him.

And now it seems that McCain's team, after dallying with these aforementioned unworthies, has zeroed in on another eminent unworthy, Kay Bailey Hutchinson.


Just bizarre, BIZARRE!

What will the feminists complain about then?

I don't know, but I would like to see them complain about male members of their party who kill women and get a way with it, marry rich women in order to get a leg up in the world of politics, cheat on their wife with young interns and rape women in the White House and oh, cheat on their wife who is dying of cancer.....

Palin will be excluded from serious consideration if only because of her children's weird names, such as Click and Clack, Pistol, Pear-Tree, Ray-Ray, and Sniper. George W. Bush only gave dumb nicknames to world-leaders.

Well, at least I know it isn't just me who gets ignored or dismissed when suggesting Palin.

I was starting to have a complex.

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