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Palin v Obama

A couple of thoughts on the experience issue, and one or two others.

1. When Democrats and liberals raise the "experience" issue with regard to Governor Palin is it partly a class issue? Had Palin gone to Harvard would the liberal punditocracy feel the same way?

2. Is a similar snobbery at work in the dismissal of Governor Palin as a "small town" Mayer? Alaska is for fishing vacations, no one who is worth talking to actually lives there . . .

3. Is part of the difference between Palin and Obama, at least as perceived in certain circles, the belief that he’s an intellectualy serious person, or at least what often passes for one on the Left? I suppose that’s connected with point 1.

4. Might much of the excitement for Palin a case of conservatives doing what liberals often do, falling in love with a candidate?

5. It will be interesting to get to know Palin as the campaign progresses. I hope she lives up to her potential. At the very least, she has energized the conservative base of the GOP.

6. A coda. Part of the excitement for Palin, I suspect, grows from her being a classic conservative--she supports limited, constitutional government, and understands how that is connected with the inalienable right to life. Why are there so few such people in high office?

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How much experience does it take to veto unconstitutional legislation which is just about all a constitutional President should do? In addition to lobbying to uphold his/her vetoes. I'm supporting Chuck Baldwin, a preacher with no elected experience. He is perfectly qualified to veto 90%+ of the legislation the Congress passes.

BTW, I detected a lot of snobbery among Republicans regarding Huckabee.

How many Senators have been elected to become President?

'Nuff said ... NEXT!

And, yes, I understand that this applies to McCain as well.

Palin is a good choice. I lived and worked in Alaska (which is more than cruise ships and fishing excursions) and had plenty of opportunity to listen to her. While Alaska is not uniform in its politics and I don't mean to speak for the entire state, they do like their governor. She is personable, interesting, articulate and restrained in her happiness. I would like to meet her on my next trip to the Great Land but chances are she'll have a new address. She will handle the challenges to her "experience" quite well.

Mr. Adams -- Agree on all counts.

"Is a similar snobbery at work in the dismissal of Governor Palin as a "small town" Mayer?"

Is that like a member of John Mayer's family or something? Oops, probably just my liberal snobbery coming through. But seriously, if you're questioning Obama as an "intellectualy serious person," shouldn't you maybe kinda sort know how to spell "mayor?"

Criticizing typoes, a sign of intellectual seriousness . . .

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