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The Bare-Knuckles World of College Debate

Professor/hippie Bill Shanahan was coach of the Fort Hays University debate team, until a fateful competition against the University of Pittsburgh. The debate grew passionate, and there ensued a profanity-laden shouting match between Shanahan and Shanara Reid Brinkley, coach of the Pitt team. The climax came with an interesting maneuver on Shanahan’s part: he turned around, dropped his pants, and mooned Professor Brinkley. For this, Shanahan has been dismissed from his position.

Nobody can deny that Dr. Shanahan is penitent. "I am terribly sorry that my actions reflected poorly on the university," he said in a public statement. "However, they must be judged in the unique context of college debate, marked by its passion and rigorous intellectual engagement."

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As the parent of a high school, and now college debater I can assure you that the pathology disclosed in the above post is in no way representative of "the world of college debate." This entire sorry episode gives debate a black eye that it does not deserve, and this post fails to measure up to the quality of material that I've come to expect from this site.

Don't you have a sense of humor or irony? See the comment by the guy again and compare it to his actions!

Here's a video of a woman dying on the floor of a hospital emergency room while no one pays any attention:

That's ironic, but not funny.

Applying the title "The Bare-Knuckles World of Emergency Room Medicine" to the above video would be analogous to the one applied to this post.

Breathe . . . obviously a guy with a sense of humor. I really don't know what your analogy was supposed to point out. But, maybe you can understand this if I make it very simple. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY, not some attack on the wonderful world of college debating.

Funny as a crutch.

"College debate, marked by its passion and rigorous intellectual engagement."

No butts about it.

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