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...on Mac’s choice of Sarah. This characteristically authoritative account reveals that, from the beginning, he was attacted to her as a fellow anti-establishment maverick. And, more important, he could tell that her capabilities soared far above her level of experience (sort of the opposite of Biden).
That’s not to say that McCain didn’t flirt with picking Lieberman and maybe others. But this article does dramatically undercut the Hail Mary pass theory, which had initially made some sense to me.

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I never saw his pick as some desperate heave of the ball deep downfield. That's a Democrat meme, and a bizarre and untimely accusation tossed around by those who should damn well know better, and here I'm referring to Rick Brookhiser, David Frum, Charles Krauthammer, Heather MacDonald, et al.

Hyperventilating Conservative noteworthies, who were oozing despair, despondency and defeatism prior to, really ought to shut the hell up about a pick that can't be retracted, and which happens to have an upside that beggars description.

This just goes to show ya' boys and girls, that just because you're a talking-head, have stuff printed in prominent publications, and have other Conservatives continually referring to your pieces as authority for various subjects under the sun, -------------- it doesn't mean by any stretch of the imagination that you're insulated from error, great error, seismic event error.

She certainly has stronger reformer credentials than Obama and a better track record for independence from her party without sacrificing her conservatism than her running mate. Her own maverick street seems to be rooted ina genuine attachment to Alaska and a real sense of justice than vanity..her maternal vs warrior maverick streak might turn out to be an valuable addition...

The "maverick" (read: flip-flopper) and the lady-messiah (read: soon-to-be-footnote) are going down to a historic defeat. That is the only seismic event error taking place here. But everyone on NLT should shut up about the pick that can't be retracted. There's a ringing endorsement. Wait until the "hot librarian" finds out her dewey decimal system does not work on the national stage. (Not sure what that meant, but whatever).

Well I suppose I should be flattered that some expect an official "endorsement" from me.

However, since I'm not the type to lose control of my senses and indulge in flights of fancy about my place in the political sun, it would look kind of ridiculous, don't ya' think, for me, wholly unknown to the electorate, to come out and issue something so majestic as an "endorsement," let alone a "ringing" or resounding "endorsement."

She's a great pick, for reasons I touched upon on some other threads.

But if you desire a point by point recitation for why Governor Palin is far and away a better candidate than the fraudulent and increasingly boring one, ------------ then check out RED STATE, which has a list that provides such information.

And don't worry about posting things that aren't clear, and even the author thereof has no clue what he wrote or even what he intended.

Don't let such things trouble you, you're an Obama supporter, --------- any attempt at clarity of thought might lead you away from the messiah, and his messianic message. Not to mention, you're leader, the false messiah, has been issuing statements, followed by clarifications, revisions and retractions this entire campaign season. So much so that even the media, wholly in the tank, wetsuit and all, even they can't help but observe that the Obama campaign's initial reactions are tentative, halting and hesitant, and usually ill-advised, ---------- which requires the 24 to 36 hour later "clarification" of the Senator's original response.

We saw it in their initial reaction to the Palin announcement. We saw it too in his first response to Russia overrunning Georgia.

Whatever though.

Those that have bought into the whole messianic movement are hardly likely to be brought to their senses by something so mundane as the facts, something so terribly plebian as following minor and major premises to logical conclusions, arrived at in a cool and dispassionate manner. Followers of the fraudulent one prefer an unseemly and reckless abandonment of the solemn responsibilities of citizenship.

How pathetic it is that citizens of a free republic try to use some dodgy political figure to fill a spiritual vacuum in the depths of their miserable souls.

It recalls to mind that sad statement of Cicero, who remarked: "Oh man, ------ how quick to servitude!"

Dave P., for some reason, that's one of the funniest comments I've ever read. Priceless.

Ack! My misspent missives become my needless posts! Sorry.

I was also at the American Political Science Association Meeting in Boston when the Palin announcement was made. Like Peter, all the 100-odd conservative Political Scientists seemed pleased; all 6,900 liberals and left-wingers were at best nonplussed, at worst, saying things like this, overheard by your writer at the Brookings Institution's booth in the Exhibit Hall Saturday morning:

Unknown female speaking, and I paraphrase: "She's going to hurt McCain because now he can't use Obama's inexperience;"

"She's neglecting a special needs child;"

"They can't have vetted her thoroughly, and she's a beauty queen. There's probably all kinds of compromising videos of her all over the internet;" (Note: we've seen the "I may be broke but I'm not flat busted t-shirt"--pretty risque, eh? How do you get elected and re-elected to local government offices in a small town without everything coming out? Liberals do not live in the real America.)

"Wacked out right wingers won't vote for her because she should be home with the children."

Before my stroll past the interesting conversation at the Brookings Institution Booth, I had a conversation with one of the 6,900 nonconservative political scientists who told me that all his acquaintances were appalled at the nomination of Palin and thought it was a disaster. He did admit that they were all Democrats. Has Mac struck a nerve?

While checking out the list of reasons for Palin on, be sure to see the hilarious video posted by the moderators celebrating Palin to the tune of "I've got a feeling" complete with dancing polar bears, huskies and lots of handsome he-men dressed for the Alaska weather. It goes on a bit long, but 20 seconds of it will do any conservative a lot of good. While there, you won't be able to miss the "gotcha" attack on former DNC Chairman Don Fowler. Just my opinion, but since everyone has made at least one tasteless joke that fell flat, he is getting too much attention for this. Nevertheless, Professor Fowler, whose wife is the state chair of the Democrat Party in S.C., is now benefitting from a quick lesson in how the other side thinks. People like Don tend to believe they are mainstream and that everyone who can read and write, with the exception of a few neanderthal colleagues in the government and economics departments at Wofford College and the folks at NLT, agree with their views and will laugh at their jokes. He has apologized if anyone was offended, but he really thought it would be ok since it was aimed at a universally acceptable target of ridicule, the late Rev. Jerry Fallwell. Now, will Maureen Dowd please apologize?

McCain said, "Mitt Romney can take his 'varmint gun' and shoot all those illegal aliens off his yard." It was a brilliant response.

If you're going to write stupid stuff like that, could you at least use a different name? It was a moronic response, one worthy of McMoron.

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