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When the Headlines Hit Home

I’m sure everyone was stunned by the news that Russian troops have moved into Georgia, and heavy fighting is reported in several cities. For members of the NLT community the story is especially alarming, as we wait for word that our friends, Joe Knippenberg of Atlanta’s Oglethorpe University and Peter Lawler of Berry College in the northwestern corner of the state, are out of harm’s way. I believe I speak for all NLT contributors and readers when I say that our thoughts and prayers are with both of you and your families during this difficult time.

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I try to keep an open mind, not to take anything too seriously. But read this post again. Are you sure you meant to post it?

LOL, Well done no child left behind. I doubt the NWO could have imagined that their educational programs would work so well that the American people would already think they had been attacked when this news was released. I Wonder is a relative of Sherman is leading the Russians on another scorched earth campaign.

In reality...this is the begining of the next world war that will mark the demise of the American Republic. Get your news from somewhere other than the NWO run Western Media and you will see that We are behind this escalation. This is a little game that is begining now to start another World War with the goal of bankrupting America so that the people will have no choice but to accept a one world government.

Delete my post if you must satisy your own cognitive dissonance, but I beg you to wake up now.

Well, perhaps I was wrong, but I laughed. I, too, worry that South Ossetia could be the start of a conflagration. Rather like Brutus does. Yet, I still laughed at the post.

Very funny; good way to start my day. William, does this make you a war correspondant?

I anticipate a great victory for Georgia this time. Without that idiot Jefferson Davis at the helm, we can unleash Forrest and our horsemen will easily vanquish their slow and cumbersome tanks.

Does this mean Putin has a McCain button on his lapel (maybe on the underside)?

The person with a McCain button is named Rothschild.

For those who still remember that our Georgia was invaded and defeated and occupied in a way similar to those suffering now, this post was not funny--though I second Peter's light riposte.

The problem with this type of humor is that for some people it will be taken as serious and proof of the ignorance off those on the right. But the poor Georgians could use a Forrest now... if they had one, they might be able to whip them ruskie so-and-so.

Just point of correction, NBF was not a Georgian but a Tennessean... right there with Kenny Chesney.

You have to be careful with satire. There are loads of people that are uptight types.

The mere use of one's imagination, even with the absolute BEST of intentions, flowing from irreproachable motives, can nonetheless, sometimes result in a catastrophic, social blow-up.

Lives have been ruined over such things. Utterly ruined. And that's no hyperbole.

Rash judgement, an eagerness to impute bad faith, --------------- a refusal to acknowledge the rich diversity of human experience and human response, ------------------------- such things are sin. And sometimes serious sin.

Solzhenitsyn did not find humour out of place when he treated upon the annihaltion of whole nations in the GULAG, and his narrative voice, sardonic, witty, knowing, is perhaps THE most salient feature of his work. But there are some people EAGER to find fault. And for them, -------------- any excuse will do.

I'm not suggesting that Frank is such a person; this is no shot at him, but rather a wider observation.

I've returned from a brief exile in South Carolina. The only unusual developments I saw were a preponderance of State Patrol cruisers on I-20, and the only men (and women) in military garb were occupying a Taco Bell outside Augusta. Fort Gordon still appears to be in friendly hands.

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