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A Liberal Who Hearts Sarah

Our friend (Free) Frank Warner is gushing that she would be a kind of Mrs. Smith goes to Washington. (Scroll down...)

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Not to continue to rain on the Palin Parade, but y'all might want to check this out. It's from the WAPO, so you know Peter it must be "f and b."

I reiterate that I like Sarah, but conservatives shouldn't get their's, and everyone else's, hopes too high. The small-town Mrs. Smith had her hand in the Pork Barrel too.

Clint, It just doesn't bother me. No chief executive can afford not to go after the govt money that's available. The pristine standard against any and all earmarks is available only to a maverick senator. That it'll be spun to discredit her I don't doubt. But it's only a slightly bigger deal than her husband's DUI 22 yrs ago. I'm amazed, truth to tell, with how little they've come up with.

C'mon, don't you guys know only Bill Clinton can have sex while in office. It is, as the French so charmingly put rape, la droit de seigneur. Now had Bubba used a Cuban cigar, he would have been impeached quicker than you can say 'got a light.'

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