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A Republican Panic?

Here’s a thoughtful--if often questionable--article about the situation on the ground. Obama was in panic mode for a while. But the relentless media attacks on our Sarah and the "shameless liar" McCain have now had some effect. And there’s no denying that Obama seemed more steady in responding to the anxiety-producing and somewhat unprecedented economic developments. McCain’s inconsistent and angry message seemed, by contrast, nervous and unsettled.
But we can hope and expect that the two panics (and the events that caused them) have about cancelled each other out. The polls don’t show any momentum either way right now. Sarah, despite it all, still draws the really big and enthusiastic crowds. There are economic facts that McCain can use to his advantage (see Steve H.’s post below on Freddie and Fannie), and right now it seems that the debates will be even more important than usual. What they will be like is pretty much anyone’s guess.

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They've had more than "some" impact. Those attacks, smears, outrageous lies, ----------- that's the only thing to attribute Obams's numbers too. I don't even credit economic news for moving Obama's numbers.

I'm in Pennsylvania, {I'm actually attending the McCain/Palin event in Media, Delaware County, later this afternoon}. Obama has unleashed a WAVE of attack ads. And they've moved his numbers. And I saw it all coming when I first viewed those ads, for I knew that unless McCain responded in kind, the numbers were going to move.

But the relentless media attacks on our Sarah and the "shameless liar" McCain have now had some effect.

Is that sarcasm about him being a shameless liar? The sex-ed for kindergarteners ad was just stretching the truth, right?

MATT, have you actually read the proposed legislation in question?

If you had, you couldn't help but come across the rather pregnant phrase, "K through 12."

Since "K through 12" is a common phrase, hardly amenable to misconstrual, -------------------- what aspect then of McCain's ad was deceptive?

Obama is hard Left, on just about every single issue under the Sun, from issues concerning the UN to even the sexual indoctrination of little twirpers.

And the Democrat party, the party of Jackson, the party of Truman and FDR, ------------ that very same party is all on board with that whacked out agenda.

Defend Obama's proposed legislation if you can. Or try to rationalize it, ------------------------------- just don't bother trotting out the bogus assertion that McCain's campaign ran a deceptive ad concerning that creepy proposal.

The large Palin crowds are good to see, but their only political significance is in terms of the QUALITY of our base's involvment. A base energized by anything positive, even something as controversial as Palin, will look relatively good to swing voters. It is also more likely to volunteer and to do it cheerfully. However, these people would have voted for McCain anyway, however unhappily. And the size of the Palin crowds means absolutely nothing in terms of support among undecided or previously undecided or weakly decided voters. It is explained by two factors: One, Republican women are showing up for a long-awaited moment in the sun, and good for them. Two, both male and female Republicans have hungered for a chance to feel excited again about their leadership. This explains not only the size of the crowds for Palin, but the very premature talk about "the next Reagan," "Sarah in 2012," etc. She's good for us in the senses outlined. But the polls and other indicators mean far more than the crowds. As indicators go, crowds are pretty trivial.

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