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A Word About Age and McCain-Palin

There has been some concern expressed by commentators that the choice of the young Sarah Palin as McCain’s running mate would put a spotlight on McCain’s more "advanced" age and that this would not be to his benefit. And I was anxious to see how it would work when the two of them appeared on stage together and what their inevitable "embrace" would look like. It had a lot of potential to look awkward and strange--especially given all the attention focused on Palin’s family life (and the bit that has been directed to McCain’s). Before the speech, people commented in a snarky way that Palin could be his daughter. When they said that, I actually hoped that people would get that impression. And, indeed, there was something of the devoted daughter quality to her comments about John McCain. This may be what Peter Lawler was getting at when he said that it sometimes takes a great woman to explain the greatness of a man. If she cannot be his Abigail (and indeed, she cannot!), then it’s probably very good that she looks to be such an effective Nabby. (And Cindy holding Palin’s baby was pitch perfect stage management, btw--though it’s probably just as likely to have been spontaneous as--I do not doubt--Piper’s spit shine was.)

And yes, Palin should say some such thing as Lawler suggested about learning from McCain the importance of the surge and what it means to be truly brave in the face of great danger. Though, after last night, who seriously doubts her courage?

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I find it amazing that the Republicans will blindly follow ANY Republican. Yes, John McCain has had some experience, but is that experience the thing this country needs. Yes, he was held captive in the Vietnam war, but if anyone knows their history, that was not a war that was for THIS country. Yes, Sarah Palin is a woman who is governor of a state, but she is a proponent of reduced sex education which has led to her daughter not knowing how to practice safe sex. A condom will do. It is amazing the loophole Republicans have been willing to blindly jump through.
Julie, as someone you is as educated as you are, how can you even think that someone who supports banning books from the public library (afraid of giving someone alternative ways to look at issues). I think it is extremely scary that McCain is relying so heavily on his experience as a POW that he is unable to be objective in looking at what this country is really facing.
Yes, Obama is not as old or experienced in a traditional sense as McCain (whom I know you were not thrilled about AT ALL in the primaries), but he is willing to look at issues in an objective manner...and willing to disagree with you or me but still respects where we may be coming from.
One of the worst things we can do in this campaign is to mudsling (yes there has been some on both sides), and disregard the issues. I don't care about the party, I care that this country gets back on track and Sarah Palin is not going to do a darn thing to get us there because she is too stuck in her ideals.

a left turn,

Thank you for your post. In one simple paragraph you clearly show why the left is not at all in touch with the American people.

A condom will do. I know a few people who are quite happy to be here because one didn't.

Actually, I find your comment illustrative of just the attitude that has kept this country wanting. You take a lot of assumption thinking you know how out of touch the democrats are when in the field I work in, its the democrats that are deeply in touch with those who are effected by the economy, health care, civil rights, etc.

Your right. I happen to be one of those people who if abortion had been legal, I wouldn't be here. But, I have had the opportunity to be able to be objective regarding the issue of birth control and abortion. It is easy to point fingers and get moral without having seen others fight with the decisions and the judgements of self-rightous individuals (on both sides...see I am objective). My point about Palin is that she can not and should not hold herself or her daughter up as paragons of virtue when they have opportunities that many others do not. Ironic that Palin line-vetoed a part of a bill that provided funding for unwed mothers for housing...of course her daughter has a place to live, huh.

You are putting your own thoughts and notions into the mouth of Palin.

Go ahead, knock down your strawman.

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