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This is so far beyond the pale that I hardly know what to say. Hacking into Sarah Palin and her husband and children’s private email and phone accounts? A new low, for sure.

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Don't you recall Ryan's divorce papers being unsealed? There were children involved. Meant nothing to that Chicago machine who made sure that Republican was destroyed. The divorce papers contained no evidence that I can recall of illegality, nor accusations of illegality. It was about sex, kinky sex.

Or let's recall the "community organizer" working with grups like ACORN and engaged in voter registration fraud, but then going on to win his first seat by removing from the ballot EVERY other candidate by accusing them of ------------------------------ voter registration fraud. That was a clever bit of ju-jitsu, wouldn't you say?

It is always a disappointment to me, though rarely a surprise, when informed Republicans and conservatives say they're "surprised" or "speechless" or that they "can't understand," in response to some outrage by out-of-line Democrats.
We are not going to win this election
by "hardly knowing what to say." Peggy Noonan could have been more right when she wrote, a couple of weeks ago, that this election is going into a dark place. It is far too late in the day historically speaking, and too much is at stake, for us to continue to be either surprised or speechless.

Maybe it was the CIA who broke into Palin's account, as part of the regular surveillance that all americans are subject to under the Patriot act. Her library book records might have triggered a search when Wegler showed up on her account, since she quoted him in her acceptance speech.

Brilliant, Ren. Brilliant. Maybe you should write for "The American Conservative."

ren is officially the trollinest troll in trolltown.

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