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Another way to waste, er, spend, precious time

Our friend the pomocon has enlisted several NLT regulars and irregulars to write for this estimable new webzine. Rumor has it that Peter Lawler, Ivan the K, and yours truly will all have pieces appearing this week.

My Friday piece will have "Barackiavelli" in the title, unless the editors display better judgment than I did. (The allusion is to The Prince, ch. 25.)

Update: Here’s Ivan Kenneally’s critique of the pretentiousness of contemporary neuroscience, especially as applied to political and moral life.

Update #2: A commenter points out that "Barackiavelli" isn’t new, even among our friends. But I have a different passage from The Prince in mind.

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And it wasn't Machiavellian in several obvious senses for Mac to pick our Sarah? There's no other way he could have shown that he's a friend of the people against the great, or doesn't prefer a warrior's glory to the ordinary decency and security. Obama's great un-Machiavellian deed: Not picking Hillary (and then maybe having her killed after the election).

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