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Biden on the Today Show

Someone more savvy than me with digging these things up can probably provide a link, but did you all see Joe Biden on the Today Show this morning? I admit to watching less of the whole program than Lawler did, but I watched all of Biden’s interview with Matt Lauer. Three points:

1. JOE BIDEN (of all people) could not talk. He muttered some prepared lines and tried to extrapolate from them a point. He could not do it. He had no answer (and even admitted--twice--that he was still working on it!) to the question of his lack of executive experience in comparison to Sarah’s. He looked bad, very bad. He stumbled, cleared his throat, did not look directly at the camera and looked worried.

2. MATT LAUER (of all people) felt compelled to defend Sarah when Biden launched a half-hearted attack. This is going to be a interesting dynamic for awhile. We’ll see if it continues. Female journalists of that persuasion, of course, will continue to be merciless.

3. My husband missed the speech last night partly because he was busy but mostly because he has been entirely dismissive of Palin and, therefore, McCain’s chances from the beginning. I don’t know what Lawler hoped to see on the Today Show this morning but the few clips that they did play (and a bit of my added commentary) did enough to persuade him that he might be wrong. Trust me. That’s impressive . . . (and, I freely admit, it says more about Sarah’s persuasive abilities than it does about mine!)

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Sorry I missed Biden and Matt and clips. I clearly got up too late.

Interesting ... Biden not having a sound-bite or a good snide remark?

Sounds like the woman is getting to him ... good!

It will very very interesting to watch, a very smart concise young woman vs an old man who after ansering a question for 20 mins you still don't know just what he said. Ole Joe probably didn't sleep very well last night.

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