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Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Did community activists, threatening banks with lawsuitscause the housing bubble?

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It may not have been the sole reason, but it was a huge factor - Read this great article from the well-respected City Journal: - it is long, but well-researched and documented.

Obama and his ilk were point men on this scheme. However, trying to frame it as right vs. left(wrong) will not solve anything. I am listening to a congressman right now say that the bill is going to set up ecconomic dictatorship. He says they have not even been able to read the bill. He has been thrown out of meetings for protesting. Congress is having thier speech filtered and limited within the capitol. How can we pass this with less than five percent public support and these people fear mongering to leverage support. Are we to the point where Congressmen and women are to be thrown in the "unpatriotic" tin foil hat crowd?

They are taking the lead from Bush's terror-fear handbook. Consolidate power when everyone is afraid and the fear is nameless.

The idea that "nobody saw this coming" must be abandoned if we are to capitalize on this victory today. Here is who saw this coming.

What three banks got to gobble up other companies for pennies on the dollar?

Jp Morgan chase bank gets to rape Wamu: that is Rockefeller money

Bank of America gobbles up Merril Lynch: Rothchilds....oddly enough they have retired general tommy franks on their board of directors

Citigroup is allowed to pillage wachovia at the point of the fdic bayonet: another Rockefeller bank gets a heck of a sale.

These people who are benifiting are the same people who set up the trilateral comission and the CFR, who run the buildaberg and the CIA. Wake up and lets come up with a way to arrest and defeat this evil that took over a hundred years ago.

Shall we next be having choruses of 'the jews are to blame'? I think the current problems is the outcome of the GSEs and the lib dems who used these things to make their friends rich and to bulk up their campaign coffers. If the GOP cannot start a willie horton like campaign (hay you got Barry, you got Rains, you got all the Black Democratic caucus.. it doesn't get any better than that) then you might as well let BO have the presidency.

Absolute Bull Shit!!! Talk with any white suburban mortgage broker and they will tell you the majority of sub prime paper was offered to white people trying to flip homes and buy beach and waterfront properties. That article is out of date. Eight years of reality have passed since that crap was written. Stop hating on black and poor people. They haven't done a thing to you.

The conversation has to move from assumption of debt, to the methods by which we'll be able to resolve those debts.

We have NO choice but to grow, and I mean grow the economy.

And that means several things. Such as slashing corporate taxes, slashing capital gains, slashing regulation, slashing punitive damages, placing a ceiling on contingent fees allowed the tort bar.

But the most important thing is establishing energy dominance.

We simply can't afford the childlike faith in breakthrough technologies; nor can we afford an adolescent crush on all things solar. Powering the foremost industrialized economy on the planet isn't like acquiring a tan in a tanning booth. And as for windmills, leave them to the imagination of Cervantes, and out of any serious discussion of America's energy needs.


At what point do conservative Republicans stop spewing that blah blah blah and deal with real facts.

Dude the house is on fire and you guys are talking out the side of your neck! Get real! Wake up!

I think the Arabs are responsible with the help of their inside man in Washington, Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

AJ, The house "is on fire."

Well, what are you going to use to put it out?

There are a host of lesser measures to solve the liquidity crunch, yet they weren't even on the table. And I'm supposedly the one spouting nonsense.

This bailout plan solves NOTHING. And what's worse, isn't even intended to solve anything.

I don't know about you, but when I see people running off in a panic, or running with the herd, --------------- THAT'S WHEN I start to look all the more closely at what they're doing. For usually, they're doing they know not what.

There isn't ANY need to run off, in a panic, and "pass something."

"the jews are the blame"?
The only issue of race color or creed in this the green of paper money. Although I guess in past few years it has changed to many colors. Mabye when the reptilians unmask they don't want the negative stereotype of being the same color as money. JK
People saying that questioning the motives of the international banking cabals being framed as some sort of anti-semitic crap is really a problem. I know those people are out there and they are idiots. I sometimes wonder who they really serve as being anti-semitic silences any question they may bring about considering the consolidation of wealth and control.

you got Rains, you got all the Black Democratic caucus

Out of curiosity, anyone interested in seeing who was the money behind these groups?

I'm telling you it was the ARABS! The only reason people aren't looking into this more closely is because of all the Arabs' paid agents in this country (starting with HUSSEIN Obama).

Anyone interested in looking more deeply into the conspiracy should join my Facebook group

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