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Here’s the ABC/WaPo Poll, which shows McCain gaining considerable ground and lurking around the margin of error. The two things holding him back: the economy and the incredibly unpopular President Bush, who apparently has gotten even more unpopular.

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Remember what I said the other day, that if Obama's bounce was attributable to the fact that he was running ads while McCain was not, then we would likely see a sharp recovery in polling for McCain. Obama's appeal is VERY shallow indeed. Recall, he never polished off Hillary.

He's being carried by the media. And in addition to that, he's getting a nice tailwind from the electorate's detestation of George W. Bush.

Regarding the economy, I think McCain needs to heed Dick Morris' advice.

If I were a Republican, I would be cheered up by seeing that more than a quarter of Americans STILL approve of President Bush. If that's not encouraging to you all, I don't know what is. You will NEVER EVER lose a quarter of the country. I'm not sure the Democrats can say that.

Interesting poll. It could also be that Obama's passivity and dithering during the subprime crisis have been making a poor impression on undecideds (the other day he essentially parrotted the "strong fundamentals" line about the economy that his surrogates have been mocking McCain over for weeks). If "The One" becomes president and there's a crisis, will "call me if you need me" cut it? Could swingsters (and not just Johnny Mac partisans like yours truly) be asking such questions?

Well, mebbe. One the other hand, I'm still expecting that shortly I'll have to choose between: A) Dancing obsequious attendance on our new Democratic overlords and maybe learning to sing "Dear Leader" songs like the brainwashed tots in that creepy video; or B) Moving to Montana and stockpiling weapons, gold bullion, and canned goods in my own personal prefab cabin purchased from the Ted Kaczysinski line at Sears. So far, I'm leaning toward dancing, but the canned goods beckon. stay cheery, you should avoid this.

"The new surveys show Obama leading McCain in Florida 51 percent to 43 percent, in Ohio 50 percent to 42 percent and in Pennsylvania 54 percent to 39 percent.

Since 1960, no president has been elected without winning two of those three states.

The results are notable because they show Obama in a strong position in the pair of states that put Bush in the White House in 2000 and kept him there four years later — Florida and Ohio, with 27 and 20 electoral votes, respectively."

I don't know about Montana, I think there is a big Fema Camp there. The prefab cabin is probably going to catch too many eyes. Mabye something underground or a cave. Don't forget your copy of the constitution in your stockpile. Just don't cite it frequently because that would make you a possible terrorist according to several state manuals. In a fruedan slip Jim Cramer just put the words "nothing to fear but the people trying to help" together in a sentance. I think the real plan for our country is increase the national debt and then avoid paying just like on wall streat by forming the North American Union and saying to our creditors that the United States owed you that money go talk to them.

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