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Okay, so I went on for three paragraphs below about the fault lines over Hurricane Sarah, but a very savvy and experienced friend here in DC just put the matter to me simply in one sentence:

"The left has to destroy her, just like Clarence Thomas, because of the threat she represents to them."

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Newt said as much the evening of her nomination. He knew what was in the wind.

Steve. The way things are going now in public discussion, Obama seems to be running against Palin. That's good for Obama. It's time Republicans pivoted and said something like: "It's amusing to watch their candidate for president struggle to say he's as qualified for the office are our candidate for vice president." My gut instinct is that unless they do something like that, Obama's stock will rise in the polls.

Everyone knew what was coming. I told you on Sunday that my congregation prayed for her and their prayers were mostly about his. We live in a town in Ohio, nowhere and nothing special and people just knew. I read, "After the speech tonight...." and think how relentless this kind of thing is once it has begun. Have they even really let go of Clarence Thomas yet? It doesn't matter how good she is, and honestly, don't you think that the better she is the worse its going to get? If she can stand it, McCain will win. If she can't, Obama has it. They can't let her go. No matter who else the Republicans might pick, they'll lose, if she can't take this.

Peggy made the same point today (Sept. 3):

She could become a transformative political presence.

So they are going to have to kill her, and kill her quick.

And it's going to be brutal. It's already getting there.

But they did not destroy Thomas. They tried, but he still became a Supreme Court judge.

Dale, if that isn't destruction of a man, then I don't know what is. And it has terribly scarred Thomas, when he gives speeches the bitterness left from his ordeal comes through.

Not to mention instead of being an iconic figure in Black America, he's branded an Uncle Tom.

So he may have gotten through, but they did a thorough-going job on him.

She's really not this important . . . It's not like she's stealing votes from the independents or the left . . . She's pretty much (as far as I understand it) solidifying the conservative base for McCain.

I love how she can do no wrong. If she does, and it's pointed out - it's that damned liberal media.

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