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That’s what the polls really show this morning. The movement toward toward Obama seems to have stoopped. And (look at the upper right hand corner) a state-by-state analysis also shows a virtual tie, with an astounding 128 electoral votes genuinely within the margin of error right now. There’s also more evidence, which I haven’t linked, that opinions about Sarah have polarized. Republican voters are made more enthusiastic by her, and apparently most Democratic voters more contemptuous. I agree with the WSJ’s Henninger that it would be easy to employ her in a more imaginative way, and she’s suffering from being overhandled. So, to repeat, the campaign is just starting, and it will turn on the economy--which, it still seems to me, will naturally tilt things in a Democratic direction without aggressive and substantive Republican action.

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Peter, I know it goes against your nature to provide links . . . but if you want us to "look in the upper right hand corner" of something, a link might be helpful . . . I'm just sayin' . . .

If this election is going to turn on the economy, shouldn't McCain go out of his way to tie Obama to an incredibly unpopular Congress, explaining that his victory will mean unleashing their inclination to profligate spending? McCain might be able to assuage some real economic anxiety by promising to protect the public from a salivating and irresponsible legislature. This is not a platform to push as a substitute for a serious and substantive conservative populism, as Peter has discussed, but something in addition to it....

Due to a technical screw up of mine (the accidental obliteration of the = sign), the link didn't show up. It does now.

Thanks for the link. This map seems to be more optimistic (for our side) than the one at RCP. This morning Stuart Rothenberg had an article arguing that the race may boil down to Colorado. I found it persuasive (I'm too lazy to link!). It would help in Colorado, it seems to me, to do as Ivan the K says. Talk of irresponsibility in Congress will resonate with voters who sense (correctly) that they are not doing their job. There is not enough talk about this at all.

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